The Scarlet Box

Shoujo S Based on the illustration by Hanaharu Naruko, this little figure is delicately sculpted by Max Factory under Native Web. I decided to take photos of it indoors, as taking it outdoors might be a little complicated… Only issue is my indoor photography skills are lacking, considering I don’t have the right indoor equipment.

Stereogram Experiments

Stereoscopic images 3D vision, the new consumer sensation. You see it everywhere, from the big screen cinemas, to smallest hand held console, it seems to be everywhere all of a sudden. Some of you may have encountered some images in the past that have two images side by side. These are more likely than not, stereograms. For this specific type of image, one needs to cross their eyes so that both images merge into a single image in the centre.

Kämpfende Frau Evelyn

Evelyn’s new look Well, these photos have been taken some time ago so I’m not so sure if you could consider this “new”. Nonetheless, here’s Evelyn in her gorgeous scarlet dress. The photos below have been washed out…not sure why I did it, but I did it. If you’re interested in the original photos, you can find them on the post.