Tricking an unwary person

Trap Miyanokouji Mizuho Welcome to another photo shoot~ :3 At the moment I’m trying to post my older photo shoots so I can start showing my new stuff, I generally don’t take outdoor shots too often as I need to make free time and also make sure my friend has free time as well as I generally take photos of both our figures, I have gone alone but that’s for another post. This time around, it’s delicious Mizuho from Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru, a figure from my friend again (I should really give him a name). Fans of the series will know Mizuho’s true… er, gender, but really, I’m already confused on the whole story.


Project iM@S THE iDOLM@STER Limited Edition Fourth post! And now for something a lil different. As some of you may know, I’m a huge fan of THE iDOLM@STER, except for that Xenoglossia garbage. Anyway, when I heard iDOLM@STER was coming for the Xbox360 I was ecstatic, trembling with anticipation, skipping a heart beat, having an euphoric fit, you get the idea. Long story short, I ordered the game through Play-Asia, but I had to camp the store as they were taking orders as first come first serve. A friend and I agreed to camp together, calling the other guy on mobile when one of us saw the pre-orders being open, no matter what time of the day (or night).

Le Morte d’Arthur

Fate/stay night Saber Aaah~ The proper Saber that spawned the infamous Sader. Well, this figure is of my friend’s again (seems like I’m just leeching his stuff…), and this is an old one he had, before that hellspawn showed up on the vast information highway. These photos were taken a day after the previous two posts’ figures, and it was another sunny (and hot) day. I decided to head to the Royal Exhibition Building located on the outskirts of the CBD and next to the Melbourne Museum/IMAX theatre. These photos turned out a lil less than expected…

The Four Branches of the Mabinogi

Mabinogi Nao Second post! This is Nao from the Korean MMO Mabinogi, also one of my friend’s figure from his collection. These photos were also taken on the same day as Himekuri in my last post with the exception of one of them. Also in the last post, I said that the photos aren’t all that great in my opinion, but hopefully the later photos will reflect my learning, or lack of… As well as taking pretty pictures of plastic, I also try to include the backdrop to a degree. I want it to compliment the figure, being careful not to make it the central focus while making sure it actually helps the figure aesthetically.

Himekuri’s Grove

moda Nero Himekuri Image Girl First post! Here’s my very first outdoor photo shoot with my friend’s figures. My figures were still being shipped from Japan via surface mail from my trip around Akiba and various places. Anyway, this photo shoot is to showcase the figure, a sort of gallery of nicely taken photos, with some emphasis on reviewing it. Unfortunately with these early photos, it doesn’t look all that great, and they certainly don’t show the model to the full extent. Hopefully this will change in future photo shoots. This particular photo shoot was taken on 11th October 2006, right now I’m going to be posting photo shoots from this date onwards.