Petite Post – Doll Market

The free table Went to the Doll Market in Ivanhoe with Rinka, Nazae and Mr.From, all of whom are Dollfie Dream owners. We were the first to put up Dollfies on the free table (there were two others reserved for doll communities) Wondering what the Doll Market is? It’s a small market where doll enthusiasts gather to buy, sell, talk and generally have a good time. Just a note tho, the market isn’t just for Dollfies, but all sorts of dolls.

ACUTE Luka Cosplay

A cute Luka indeed Here’s a photoshoot, Haven’t done one in a while, but here it is nonetheless. But wait, something is different! It isn’t a figure, or a dollfie D: Yes, It’s a cosplay photoshoot which I rarely do (if at all) These photos were taken at the Supanova Pop Culture Expo in Melbourne 2011 which was held at the Melbourne Showgrounds. This Luka cosplayer is based on the music video of ACUTE. Video below for those who want to hear the song :3

Supanova 2011

mini photo report For those who don’t know, Supanova is a pop culture expo held across Terra Australis. Last weekend was Melbourne’s turn to hold the event. I managed to take a few photos here and there, I was mainly busy with events and helping out OzAnimart. Of notable mention, Yuko Miyamura (Asuka of Evangelion) and Tiffany Grant (Asuka of Evangelion… in English) were in attendance. One of the highlights was getting signatures from them on various merchandise. They both held a Q&A session too, and Miyamura-san even performed a line from Asuka as she fought the mass production Eva circling over Unit 2. No photos of them tho, apparently not allowed to take photos with them ;_; Anyway, below are some random photos, I’ll be uploading a photoshoot right after, which is not exactly the sort of photoshoots I normally do…