Moé Moé Overdose

Moé Idolatry Article Moé Moé Series MMMmmmmmmmoooooé~! Welcome to another long article of Moé Idolatry. Today I’ll be showing you guys a series of books that just epitomises the word 萌え (moé). These Moé Moé books have been going on since… 2005? Anyway, enough chatter, onto the main course~

Dollfie Euphoria

Moé Idolatry Article Dolls Dolls, yes, it’s one of those things where most adults would go “You’re such a child” or “you’re a boy…” Fair enough, I am a male but I also have fairly weird hobbies and likes compared to the norm of a western world society. Today, I’m going to discuss a lil on dolls, specifically on how I found out, and why I’m interested. If you’re already here I assume you like anime figures, if you like anime figures I assume you’ll be open minded on dolls as well :3