So, lightsabers.

Ah hah, an update!

So I got into lightsabers. Why? Well I thought they were all flimsy light up toys you see in Toys’R’Us or something, but I was so wrong lol.

I mean, just look this:

Left is what I thought, right is what it is

So then I decided to grab one. But not just any one, I wanted MY one. The months of research finally got me eyeing and their custom acid etched sabers. And with that, I got this:

If anyone is looking for lightsaber, definitely check out Sabertrio!

I’ll keep this pretty short, but check out the Lightsaber Creation Plant where I’m posting up some of my custom content for these lightsabers like soundfonts, blade styles, and OLED animations!

If you wanna know more, prolly check this out:

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