Kitty Birthday (18+)

Kitty Birthday

Cat and Chair

Oh look, my birthday.
Oh hey, here kitty kitty kitty~

Decided to open this figure up on my birthday, as a little gift from my past self.
Aya sure knows what I love most, kemonomimi~
Here’s a couple of photos of the Cat and Chair figure from Neko no Wakusei
The original has clothes on, but hey, it’s a cast off type!

This will be a short one, I’m lazy.

Cat and Chair
Cat and Chair

So kinky…*droooool*

3 thoughts on “Kitty Birthday (18+)

  1. Eh, if you ever want to IM me, I’ve done some styist-type things for different bands and I design most of my own clothing. I’m usually into helping out with stuff like that.
    Lavonne Witt recently posted..No last blog posts to return.

  2. NO, no! Letting the cat outside is NOT a good souotiln! Indoor-only cats live MUCH longer than cats that are allowed outdoors. Outside cats are usually killed by predators, disease, or cars within just a few short years.There are ways to give a cat exercise indoors. Get toys that they like to play with on their own. Mine love those little plastic balls with the bells inside, and the little mice with catnip. Get the toys that look like fishing poles, with feathers or things they like at the end of a string attached to a pole. They love chasing those and it’s not hard to do even for an owner who’s a total couch potato. Make foraging toys for example, take a small plastic bottle and cut holes in it, then put favorite treats inside, so your cat has to work it to get to the goodies (that didn’t work for mine, but other cat owners report success). Also, consider diet. Maybe the cat should switch to a weight control food, or one that has a lower carb content, like Innova. My fat kitty has lost weight on that. Cats by nature sleep MOST of the time, so you won’t be able to keep your cat active all the time. But even just 10-15 minutes of hard play is huge.

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