Elementary my dear

Elementary my dear

Greetings & Salutations!

This is Rinka here, Nice to meet you all!~
I’ll be a new co-writer here on moeidolatry.com!

As fellow avid Dollfie Dreamer, I will also bring in my pair of beautiful girls who I’d like to also introduce; Ran & Yukari Yakumo. And from their many years of travels, living through many ages of the world, they are willing to share their adventures and knick-knacks with you lovely readers.

I myself will be helping to cover pop culture events like Manifest and Supanova by sharing photos and writing about my expeditions at the shows.

Yukari Yakumo
Ran Yakumo
Ran Yakumo

A little about myself? Well… I guess you could say I am a large fan of kemonomimi (mainly Kitsune/Fox) girls, along with kuu-dere, onee-sama and motherly anime archetypes who posses various voluptuous assets heheh… ^^;;. I tend to be a cool and level headed in most situations, I’m not afraid to voice what I think and can be a real critic when it comes down to my passions which are Dollfie Dreams, anime and pop culture.

Sakura Matou
Sakura Matou

With this I leave you some of my creations, an image of Yukari surrounded with only a fraction of the collection accumulated over the lifetimes she has seen through, Ran Yakumo looking ever so warm and sweet, and lastly Sakura Matou at Rayong beach in Thailand from one of my first ever shoots.
I do hope you will enjoy and look forward to my future work


9 thoughts on “Elementary my dear

  1. Many thanks all!~

    @Kuujiryo We’ll see what happens from now on lol

    @Sagara Nice to meet you too! :3

    @Motoko Haha I’ll get around to it eventually! xD

    @Ultimaknight Glad you enjoyed my Yukari shots, there will be many items to share with everyone :3

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