Thanks Tokyo Otaku Mode!


A lil prezzie

I was contacted a few weeks back by Tokyo Otaku Mode about helping them out with some feedback. Some other bloggers were also contacted too :3

I wanted to say thank you for all the lovely presents. A lot of advertisement material was in the package, but I LOVE these pamphlets and have a whole stack of them from my trips to Japan :D


There’s a bunch of flyers and advertisement posters from various things from figma releases to an ad of the PhotoKano game for PSP. They included a nendoroid calender and a pack of Weiss Schwarz cards….unfortunately I play Lycee and not Weiss Schwarz ^^;; They also included a personalised thank you photo which was very touching :3

Thanks again Kamei-san!

P.S. If anyone loves doing surveys, especially anime related, help out Tokyo Otaku Mode with theirs here!

4 thoughts on “Thanks Tokyo Otaku Mode!

  1. Thank you very much for writing a blog.
    We are very glad that you liked the gift.
    but sorry about the card… from next time, We would try to send your favorite characters : )

    We are still open for the questionnarie!

    Anyways, thank you again for supporting TokyoOtakuMode.
    We will keep trying to send OTAKU info for OTAKU all over the world.


    by Tokyo Otaku Mode

  2. Hi

    Finaly, Facebook Page “TokyoOtakuMode” is OUT now.

    Tokyo Otaku Mode creates the place where OTAKU from all over the world can get together and talk about OTAKU stuffs.

    In this page, people show up with info, photos and favorite collections of Figures, Nendroids, MANGA, ANIME, Cosplay, Events, whatever related to OTAKU. We also post hot info from AKIBA, TOKYO, the center of OTAKU culture !!

    Please join us!

    Tokyo Otaku Mode

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