Happy Birthday Arturia!

Arturia's Birthday!

Make a wish~!

Oh look! It’s Arturia’s birthday already~? :D

Although she’s technically younger than Evelyn, I’d say she’s the more level headed one… until you talk about food.

If you remember the original post “Return of the King” (which you don’t I guess :P), it was back in 2009 when I received my second. It feels much longer than that for some reason. I remember the day I saw her on Volks’ DD website, there she was, Saber Alter. It was practically love at first sight, I wanted to get her, I HAD to get her.

Thus the request to my friend in Japan to travel to Doll’s Party. Unfortunately he had a Japanese test to go to and needed to concentrate. My heart skipped a beat as I realised I might not be able to get her. Surprise, the After Event was announced and my friend could make it. Now, he travelled through the bitter winter morning in Japan, driving through the snow to the train station. He lined up at a Volks SR and managed to get ticket #2, and was the first guy out as he had literally spent every spare yen he had (he even had to sell a figure at an anime shop to get enough…). Thanks Hectic :3

So here we are, two years later. Oh, here’s your cake Arturia!

Happy Birthday!Happy Birthday!

I got a feeling Evelyn isn’t gonna be happy that I wrote more about her sis… ^^;

P.S. Happy New Year :D

4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Arturia!

  1. japan: hei hei, lass ma folge ohne inhalt pruzdoieren japan2: segey, aber lass noch 12Je4hrige Mettchen in Metallbikinis tanzen, so heidfen ischen japan: hei hei, fische fischen gute idee Ich denke ich werde ab jetzt bei der Serie dem OP vertrauen und erstma droppen bis es wieder was positives im releasetext zu berichten gibt, schade eigentlich, aufgrund der ersten folge hatte ich viel erwartet, zu viel. Das Das ganze jetzt fcber nur 4 Folgen zu einem 0815 slice of life ecci geworden ist macht mich aber schon ziemlich sad

  2. You know, along the same vein, I found by the end of the week of Oobleck, my assistant and I were the only ones pnilayg with it. You know its bad when you play with messy stuff more than the children!

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