Petite Post 04

iM@S 5th Anniversary


Just got my iDOLM@STER 5th Anniversary stuff :3
Pain in the ass to get these, but well worth it. My only regret is not being able to buy more >.>

The items were bought from the Lawson online store, through a deputy service called Goody Japan. They seem like a very small business but hey, as long as they’re responsive and my treasures get delivered, I’m happy.

The shirt is too large, I got the L size… they had M/L/LL. I assumed they were “Japanese” size, so S/M/L….I should known that it was for fans of iM@S. Oh well =/

Packed Goodies

The booklet was actually damaged when Goody Japan received it, and they kindly helped me get it replaced before sending it off to me :3

Unpacked awesomeness :D

I should really get around to taking a photo of my iM@S collection…

5 thoughts on “Petite Post 04

  1. I still need to preorder Im@s 2…. I’ve been saving up all of my money as of late though for the Kara no Kyoukai bluray box set… oh well.

    In my experience Japanese shirt sizes seem to be remarkably close to British/American/Australian measurements, no more than a centimeter or two of deviation at most (going from the 5 or so shirts I’ve bought from cdjapan in the past at least).

  2. Hi Kathy, ang galing naman ni Aya. My only son Pio is also tineirkng with the piano often and we are planning of getting him a piano tutor. I’ll let him see this video. Congrats to Aya. Btw, my sister pala is in Kobe na, taking her masteral at Kobe University. She’s enjoying her stay there.

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