Petite Post 02

Oh Ciel you lovely trap

Alcohol powered moé

Second petite post, and a little longer too~
Got some new arrivals which I wanted to show along with some of my new obsessions!

First thing up, I got some of my new figures including Ciel from Kuroshitsuji [Square-Enix], Saber Super Movable Nendoroid [Good Smile Company] and Dead Master figma [Max Factory] to name a few.

As a rule, and also to limit my spending… I only get nendoroids that possess the =_= face if I like it. This Saber just so happens to have one!

Saber and Saber Alter duking it outSaber and Saber Alter duking it out

Ciel was actually an impulse buy, I haven’t seen Kuroshitsuji but I know very well of Ciel’s appearance as a trap. I guess I couldn’t resist ^^; Oh that dress… :3~

I wish I had a dress like that...

Now on with some new obsessions of mine. Kamen Rider, aka Masked Rider has become something I’ve been investing quite a bit of time and money into. I just like to make it clear that I’ve been watching the Japanese shows, not the US incarnations. What do I have to show for such interest? These…


Now I can henshin too~! Wearing one of these turns you into a little kid again.

My favourite so far is Kamen Rider Decade, possibly because of the camera/photography motifs and the fact that you get to see all the previous kamen riders battling it out. Think Super Robot Wars but with Kamen Rider instead.

Another thing I’ve recently enjoyed a lot is, well, hazelnut liquor called Frangelico. A friend introduced me to it and I’m hooked. It tastes so yummy~~
Put it in with milk and you got yourself the best milk ever! I hate milk by itself but this just makes it into the milk of the gods!

So....wanna have a drink pretty lady?

Last thing I wanted to announce, PRE-ORDERS FOR THE iDOLM@STER 2 ARE OPEN!


I’ve already pre-ordered my copy from AmiAmi, so I’ll be looking forward to it next year. Well…most of it anyway.

10 thoughts on “Petite Post 02

  1. IDOLM@STER 2 WOOOO!!!!!!

    Kamen Rider? My roommate’s been a huge fan of it for a while and has had me try watching Kiva, but I can’t say I’m really a fan of it.

    So you have the Dead Master figma? I’ve been considering getting the BRS one myself.

  2. Oh, almost forgot, speaking of imas 2, do you know if they decided to opt back and get rid of the stupid boy idol group bit and re-add Azusa and the rest? or are we still going to be stuck with a bunch of……undesirables?

  3. Azusa, Iori, Ami and Ritsuko are still part of their own group, but from what I can tell they will be appearing as guests in your own group down the line. As for the Jupiter group, they’re still in as rivals, which I’m fine with lol. You’re supposed to dislike them to a degree~

  4. …I know, I know. You’re holding ME responsible for getting you into Kamen Rider….ONORE DECADE!!! :p

  5. Dan – Ok, this is one cute baby!!! Hard to make a bad photo with such good material to work with. Especially like the pireucts with him on his back and feet in the air and the one on the couch. Might be interesting to crop the one on the couch horizontal with just him and the couch and with him off to one side. Just a random thought.Great photos!!!!!!!!

  6. I saw Pixie for the first time and fell in love. If I could I would spend every dime I have on her fine ass. Damn Pixie will u marry me? I have never seen a woman work the pole like that, makes me wonder what else she is good at. Hope to see you again real soon.

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