The Scarlet Box

Native's Shoujo S

Shoujo S

Based on the illustration by Hanaharu Naruko, this little figure is delicately sculpted by Max Factory under Native Web.

I decided to take photos of it indoors, as taking it outdoors might be a little complicated…
Only issue is my indoor photography skills are lacking, considering I don’t have the right indoor equipment.

Also, thanks to Tokyo Hunter for helping me acquire this figure.

The Scarlet Box - Native's Shoujo SThe Scarlet Box - Native's Shoujo SThe Scarlet Box - Native's Shoujo S

What? Where’s the rest?? Well, you can view the rest on my post.
Why am I doing this? Well, I don’t really have a proper NSFW system implemented here so that’s why I’m using for now~


3 thoughts on “The Scarlet Box

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  2. Hi Julie~I’ve been following for blog for a few mhnots now and even though I am not a baker or cook, your blog is among my favorites. Your photography is stellar and these photographs ought to be seen in national publications (Brides magazines, M.S’ living etc.) and perhaps a book of your own. I hope the place you work at lets you photograph their items for their website. I can easily see how this collaboration could gain them and you attention in the Bay Area and nationally.Fantastic work!

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