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Stereoscopic images

3D vision, the new consumer sensation. You see it everywhere, from the big screen cinemas, to smallest hand held console, it seems to be everywhere all of a sudden.

Some of you may have encountered some images in the past that have two images side by side. These are more likely than not, stereograms. For this specific type of image, one needs to cross their eyes so that both images merge into a single image in the centre.

During my outdoor photoshoot of Arturia and Sakura (which will be posted soon!) I took a few photos of them together, with a slight shift in angle. Once I was at home processing the photos, I noticed that they had a similar quality to stereoscopic images I’ve seen, so I tested them out. To my surprise, they worked! I’ve created my first accidental stereogram!

If you’re new to all this, before you click on the image and try it for yourself, I’ll let you in on my little technique which seems to work for me. Here’s a few steps:

  • Focus on centre of the image, it’s best to keep the image small so make it easier on your eyes if it’s your first time.
  • Put a finger in front of your eyes, between you and the image.
  • While still focused on the image, you’ll notice that your finger is out of focus and that there’s two of them.
  • Align the out-of-focus fingers so that each finger is in the middle of both sides of the image.
  • Now here comes the tricky part, focus on the finger.
  • You’ll now notice that the now out-of-focus image has combined.
  • You can now move the finger away, but try to keep your eyes slightly crossed so that the image is still combined.
  • Focus on the image without un-crossing your eyes and enjoy 3D!

Hopefully that helps ^^;

Now onto the accidental image:

Accidental Stereogram Experiments! - Sakura Matou & Arturia Pendragon

Now, I tried to reproduce this with a figure on my shelf. It was quite a challenge without any specialised gear, or a tripod…

Stereogram Experiments! - Miki Hoshii & Miki Hoshii

Hope you’ll enjoy those images :3

5 thoughts on “Stereogram Experiments

  1. Instead of just my finger, I used my whole hand edge on from my forehead to my chin. (one eye on each side, seemed to work better IMO) Awesome experiment, pretty cool illusion!!

  2. It’s funny that you don’t see much of this around given how incredibly neat this is. I just discovered this technique very recently and have been having fun with it immensely. I’ve a dedicated 3D camera system just for this exact technique – a custom built lego-made encasing that holds two iPhones side-by-side. Tapping the on-screen shutter release on both screens with both thumbs is quite easy and allows for action shots – though split second synchronization is necessary – and be prepared for a very low success rate for actions.

    With this system 3D video is possible and can be viewed in 3D immediately after by simply switching the phones. With Adobe Premiere, I’ve brought in the video sources and flipped them to create a 1080p video stereogram.

    I’m currently building a dual full-frame sensor camera + wide-angle or telephoto system that can be remotely fired at the same time. It can even handle remote strobe lights. It should produce some interesting studio images.

    I had recently shot my entire 2014 family vacation with the 3D iPhone system. Personally, I loved the results. I had posted about 80 unique photos as a 3D album on Facebook complete with instructions for viewing. I was amazed that it had received zero positive feedback from the perspective of the 3D factor. Quite disappointing. It made me realize that for most people, 3D doesn’t convey the same emotional effect that it does for myself. That certainly supports the lack of steam the 3D television market saw a few years back. It was nice to come across your post and see that others have shown interest in this highly under-rated photography technique!

  3. I used to love those things when I was yogenur! I had probably 4 books. My favorite! So you still can’t see them? I kinda guessed cuz the one youe picked is just a picture of a big hole. Lol. I was expecting to see a giraffe, kid flying a kite, or a Christmas tree. Oh well. Very good point made though about God. I definitely agree. Some see Him and some just don’t.

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