Dress Up!

ToHeart2 Dollfie Cosplay A while ago Danny Choo hosted the Miss Dollfie Summer 2009 event, and he has managed to secure some items as prizes too. One of which was the ToHeart2 clothes set by Azone courtesy of Hobby Link Japan. Today we’ll be seeing Evelyn and Arturia as they try on some clothes they’ve never been in with the help of each other :3

The Lone Path

Dollfie Photoshoot Today we’ll be seeing Arturia Pendragon, a Volks DollfieDream2. These photos were taken waaay back when Danny Choo held the Miss Dollfie Summer 2009 on figure.fm. So, here’s the entries for Arturia who managed to claim 1st place. Grats to those who also competed! This photoshoot was taken on the 5th August 2009 at St.Patrick’s Cathedral, Melbourne. For those who remember (possible none of you) I’ve also used this location for some other photoshoots in the past. One of which was the Saber Alter figure by Alter.


Figure modding It’s been a long time coming. Today I’ll be briefly going through the process of modding a Konami Mecha Musume trading figure. In an earlier post I went into details on another Mecha Musume, the T-34, so for a more in depth tutorial, go there since this post is mainly just an overview. So, let’s get started!


New Look Annnd done. The place has been changed a little, mainly the colour scheme, but everything should pretty much be the same. I hope I haven’t broken anything… So if any of you crickets around find an issue, don’t hesitate to leave a comment. Expect an update within a week!