Return of the King

Saber Alter - Fate/hollow ataraxia

Dollfie Dream II – Saber Alter

Arturia Pendragon

キタ━━━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━━━ !!!!!
Here she is, the Volks’ Dollfie Dream II Saber Alter.
It’s been a long few months agonising about her. I even had a bloody dream about her @_@; If that’s not an unhealthy obsession, I don’t know what is. I had to wait a day to take these photos because I needed natural sunlight, and even then, the photos are quite messy. So I tried hiding it with my trusty photoshop >.>

The box!

Saber Alter, or what I’m just gonna call her, Arturia, has had a substantially larger effort to attain than Yuki Nagato, or what I’ve been calling her, Evelyn. I had to pray to my god, Hectic3, who is in Japan right now to make the arduous trip to the Sendai Volks Showroom in the freezing snow. Arturia is also significantly more expensive than Evelyn, due to the Aussie Dollar being so weak to the Japanese Yen.

The openingHer clothes

As you can see, the Saber Alter dollfie has the white skin type of body, unlike the Yuki which has the normal skin type. Saber Alter also comes with her clothes, and a pair of adorable boots. The clothes have a very nice satin feel, and is especially noticeable with her sexy stockings. You may even see the “feel” of it.

Sexy legsGetting dressed

Getting her dressed was a lil more difficult than getting Evelyn dressed, but I admit it was fun XD
Her legs are just magnificent. I really appreciate Volks’ detailing of the Dollfie Dream bodies, it paid off.

Oh god

P-pantsu~!?L-legs~! @_@
Her first standingM-more legs~!! @_@

The more I look at her, the more I’m entranced by her beauty. But there is one thing I need to do, and that is to get some hair products, she looks a lil blinded by her hair and I know how annoying that can be ^^;

Arturia Pendragon - Saber Alter Dollfie Dream IIArturia Pendragon - Saber Alter Dollfie Dream II
Arturia Pendragon - Saber Alter Dollfie Dream IIArturia Pendragon - Saber Alter Dollfie Dream II

*sigh* some very boring photos there =/
Hopefully I’ll be able to take some photos of her at the same location on my last Black Saber photo shoot. But it won’t be this week, my city is going to experience a heat wave that hasn’t been recorded as being this bad for approx 100 years. I’m actually quite worried about my figures since I don’t have any air conditioning.


Evelyn meeting up with her new roommate. I hope I won’t be tempted to get more, this place is already overcrowded @_@;

Details – Photo shoot

Nikon Coolpix P2
27th January 2009
My room!

Details – Dollfie

Character Name & Series
Saber Alter – Fate/hollow ataraxia
Doll Name
Arturia Pendragon
10th January
Dollfie Series
Dollfie Dream II
Serika Misaki – Zoukei-mura Inc.
Dress design
VOLKS Doll Design Department
“Saber”/”Saber Alter” Original Head
“Saber Alter” Original Style, DD size
Acrylic Eye 22mm Metallic Animetic (“Saber Alter” Original Design)
DD Base Body II, White Skin, M Bust
Boots, Dress, Corset, Panties, Knee-High Socks
Release date
Limited edition sales at Dollpa20 (23rd December 2008)
Limited edition sales at Dollpa20 After Event (10th – 12th January 2009)
Limited edition sales at Volks USA website lottery (December 2008)
Place of purchase
Sendai Volks Showroom – Dollpa 20 After Event
Retail price
54,600 yen
Bought it for
(;゚д゚) OMG!


Excuse the extremely cheesy photoshopping XD

26 thoughts on “Return of the King

  1. Yo, Aya, try using a scrim. you don’t have to buy a real one, just make a cheap one out of some cloth you can buy at a fabric shop near your place. Maybe a frame from an art shop to mount the cloth on would also help.
    When you’re poor (which you are, after that dolfie), ya got to get creative.

  2. @pp “…lol xD”

    Well I am at a loss for words…..she is just magnificent.

    Going to have to make a beeline to “Arturia’s Castle” to join her homecoming celebrations.

  3. Wow…I gotta hand it to the creators, they did a nice job. Even the frilly lace parts have elaborate designs even though they’re so small… pretty nice!

    And looking at her design, it seems like she’d have an awesome zettai ryouiki if it weren’t for the skirt covering it (but they did a nice job on that too).

  4. @pp, lol… Evelyn had a trip last year ^^; Though I need to be careful who to give her to hold since not everyone is gentle =/

    @Adiroth, I got a few sheets of fabric lying around, but haven’t gotten anything to hold it up with =/ I’d prolly have to pin it to my desk.

    @Rinka, You’ll get to see her eventually XD

    @ron~, no! no more! no money ;_;

    @Persocom, Thanks, I’ll try to get more pics XD

    @Sagara, her dress feels so nice~ XD Ya, Volks did a great job~

  5. Hi it’s me from DOA ^_^
    Really nice seeing pictures of your Arturia here, she looks really sweet. Who knows maybe you’ll get a 3rd one, then a 4th one, then… lol.
    If that’s any consolation the canadian dollar is bad too and I paid the price for 2 DD to get my 1 Kanu *sob*

    Soo mmm yeah I figured too much heat can make vynil plastic figures melt/deform a bit ? (;゚д゚)
    I have a couple figures that after a few years they don’t stand too well anymore, as if their legs bent under the pressure of its own weight, I thought it may be due to bad design/material, but heat might also have something to do with it… it gets quite hot in the summer over here too, but right now we are in freezing winter hehe.

  6. Oh, hiyo!

    Welcome to my home lol.

    Ya, Arturia was really expensive for me @__@; I never thought I’d actually be able to get her at all. Luckily my friend was willing to help, so all was good.

    Leaning figures has been a concern for a while, it stems from both unbalanced sculpts, and the nature of PVC to soften with high heat. What you could do is put the figure’s affected area into warm to hot water, and slowly move the piece back to the right position and let it cool down before standing it again :3

  7. I usually try to avoid the deforming problem altogether by sticking to figures that are less likely to be affected (a lot of the ones I have seem to have a very stable center of gravity).

    The few that aren’t though I tend to use other methods to keep them in proper form. Since the primary way I display my figures is just putting them up on my desk, I don’t have enough room to show all of them at the same time, so what I do is swap out which ones I display every few weeks and put them back in their original boxes, and then have the boxes laid horizontally somewhere. Not the best method I know, but it does help lengthen the time between needing to do REAL repair methods (like the ones you guys were discussing).

    I wish I had enough money to get a dollfie, but at the same time, knowing myself too well, if I had that much money to spend I’d probably use it to buy a new computer or TV or something……the original full-armor Saber though I would buy in a heartbeat, regardless of the fact that it would probably cost upwards of $3000 (is my guess close?). Either that or Maid Saber with one of the machine gun accessories, lol.

  8. Firstly Happy Chinese New Year Aya, Adi and everyone else…
    Hey Aya, does your mom ever question you about your hobbies?
    I collect gundams and i get questioned about it then i started to think (for first time ever!), if i ever collect dollfies… now what would my mom say haha

  9. Can’t wait for you to make them to dastardly things to each other… *chuckle*

    Oh… be sure to play sleazy music when you do and we want pics!

  10. Ahh~ so lovely~ I like her legs with the stockings xD;;;

    Hope your figures survived the heat without any damage u_u~ I have air-con but no figures ^^;

  11. Wow. She’s gorgeous. I must admit… I never take care of any of my possession and usually break or dirty up my stuff so I’d be worried about being in her presence.

    Oh god… I’m too shy to approach a dollfie >_<

  12. Hi! Love this doll! And her boots are so kawaii! ^_^
    One question though, how tall is she? :)

  13. I’m sorry about my rudeness. I have a photoshoot project about these dollfie, but these girls really out of my reach :(. If it’s not bothered you so much. May I ask you to take some pictures of her at various angle? You don’t need to bring her out to have nice backscreen or photoshop it, I just only need raw pictures. Just use some plain backscreen like black wall or something. And send it into my mail, at

    And if possible, I’d have a last picture like this

    Thanks for reading, even if you don’t have time to do all that work :).

    Btw, I’m Vietnamese, too :P.

  14. Ah, right now I’m in my last week of uni, so I don’t have much time unfortunately. I’ll see what I can do though afterwards, not sure if I got a plain background to use tho ^^;

  15. Wow, you’re still in uni? I’m so envious ^^ Don’t worry too much about it cause if there’s no plain background then you could let her stand on the table or with her box at her back.

    About the deadline of the project is no big deal :P. Cause I also have a little time left before the test :-s.

    Anyway, thanks for replying :).

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