Photos taken down!?


Meg & Ymir

Photos taken down

Yesterday I received a fairly harsh email from, the organisation responsible for The Shrine of Remembrance. First thing it said was that they viewed the photos of Ymir and Meg with extreme displeasure. “Ok” I thought, but I read on and it appears I don’t have permission to post these photos without written consent…

I decided it would be best to take the photos down as I respect their photo policy after reading it on their site. Still, I’m quite appalled that they claimed my photos were insulting and extremely offensive.

I thought our diggers fought for our freedom, which included creativity such as photography. I’m a pretty fair guy so I understood that I had to take down the photos due to policy, but to then ridicule the photos themselves? I’m not even sure what is so offensive… the pantsu shots maybe?

Oh well, what’s done is done, sorry for those folks who would like to see the photos of the figures and the awesome Shrine backdrop.

Also, I’ll be posting a photoshoot within the next few days, a guest appearance of figures which belong to a friend of mine :3

16 thoughts on “Photos taken down!?

  1. first time I read about something like this happening, I guess it depends on whether it’s a private or public property. I have only taken figures photo outside once, didn’t encounter any problem fortunately

  2. I’m starting to lose motivation for outdoor photography now. Ron has pointed out to me that it I shouldn’t need to take down the photos since it isn’t a commercial endeavour.

    Still, I rather have the photos taken down than go through the legal system to prove that I’m not doing anything wrong.

    I’m pretty sure it’s just the whole lil girl with huge weapon thing that doesn’t sit well with the Shrine’s trustees. I swear, people today are getting a lil too edgy on things. =/

    I was supposed to go on another photoshoot today for Miku and Ink-tan but I didn’t feel up to it >.>

  3. I think that the photo set that you have had to remove was really good. I have one of the shots as my wallpaper! – I reckon those silly old duffers should get with the times and realise that we live in a more relaxed society these days. – Whats the difference between your ‘Holiday’ snaps and those of someone jumping in the air doing the ‘Oh what a feeling , Toyota!’ , star jump in front of the Shrine and publishing them on Flikr for example? – I would leave the images up and wait for the summons – ( I bet it would never come!! ). – Keep up the good work!

  4. Thanks Julie, means a lot to me that people actually enjoy the photographs I’m taking. I really appreciate the comment <3

    I would normally leave them up, since I don't really see the difference as well, but the main reason is that they were apparently insulted enough to send me that nasty email. That hurt me more than the legal crap they said. I was pretty proud to be an Australian but with all that is going on my faith has waned, then they hit me with the email. When people ask me what the Shrine means again, I dunno if I can answer truthfully anymore.

    Next thing we'll have to deal with is the thought police >.>

  5. I feel none of your photos are offensive…
    I don’t think doing a figure shoot is offensive…not sure a pantsu shot of a plastic figure is considered offensive…
    Offensive is to cause anger or hate for something…I don’t think your photos cause that…
    I do wonder why aren;t you allowed to post pictures of a building of some sort as a background for outdoor shoots…if I read your post correctly…it says that your not allowed to have pictures of the Shrine of Remembrance…it’s like saying your not allowed to take pictures of the building…they should at least have a sign that says that…no photos…
    Where I live…people don’t really care…
    It’s a really weird email followed by something like your photos are insulting and offensive…what does that have to do anything related to them…I wonder what so insulting and offensive they find in the photos…

    I’ll be also waiting on your new photo shoot too!!!!!
    Don’t lose hope on outdoor shoots…just don’t do them near that building!!!!! I love your outdoor shoots!!!!!

    Rins last blog ( post – Another Semseter and Figure Preview…

  6. Now that is something I find very strange. The fact that it is a public building shouldn’t stop you from having these images up on the Internet as these are personal images. Although content wise it may be questionable but personally I don’t find it offensive at all. Actually I’m surprised they came across these photos in the first place, lol.

    Outdoor shoots is something you have to have free time for. If you add it all up you have to pack your gear, travel to the photo location, setup your gear, take photos whilst adjusting for specific conditions, pack up your gear, travel back home, and process them. I myself haven’t done any figure photography since I don’t have time myself and weekends are my only free time to go outdoors. But still, don’t give up hope. the way I see it is that you need a break and try some indoor ones.

    Aduns last blog ( post – How to Treat Bootleg Figures

  7. Aww, that’s such a shame u_u~

    I think it’s fine to ask you to take the photos down if they found them inappropriate, what I don’t agree with is the manner they did so =/ A simple please and thank you would have been enough for an initial contact.

    If you’re feeling discouraged from outdoor shots, maybe take the chance to set up your own mini indoor studio xD. You’ll have a back for rainy days that way too [not that we have many rainy day, lol].

  8. @Adun, I’m also surprised that they found it lol, it’s been over a year! I’ve come to realise that moé isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, so they prolly didn’t think highly of it, along with the weapons.

    Outdoor shoots do take time, you basically summed it all up. You’re right tho, I prolly should try indoor, but the problem is space ^^;;

    @Koshiko, That’s exactly what I thought, they could of asked nicely first…

    Rainy days are the best tho! (after it rains)

  9. sorry for whatever I had said that made you not approve my comment, I really didn’t mean anything by it. honestly I think it’s pretty lame that they made you take the photos down and from what I did get to see it looks like they were great photos. I just think you did what’s best in the event of complaints by removing them, best to comply with their wishes then face some kind of unwanted backlash, even though it’s a shame it had to be done. I apologize if my comment before was too short, rude and seemed to be negative towards you or your works, that wasn’t my intention at all.

    Persocoms last blog ( post – Ink-Eyes, Servant of Oni – My First (Resin) Figure

  10. o_O?

    I’m sorry, but I don’t think I ever saw that comment. I also checked my span filters and couldn’t find your comment.

    I think there must of been a misunderstanding =/

    I haven’t had to delete any comment that wasn’t spam, and even if your comment was harsh, I still don’t think I’d delete it.

    But anyway, thank you for your comments, I don’t even mind if it was negative comments, just means I get to see what reactions my photos recieve :3

  11. ah, my bad, maybe my comment didn’t go through somehow :x oh well, it’s better that way because my first one was too short and I thought you took it wrong. Never meant anything negative ^^

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