It is a Mystery!

Nani nani?

Mysterious Bag

What could it be?

I’ve recieved news today, a friend of mine (who is now my god and hierophant of moé) has sent me some disturbing news:

A ticket??
A ticket you ask?

A bag??

I wonder what that could be~ Ooohohoho~

15 thoughts on “It is a Mystery!

  1. @Adun, WHAT!? W-WHO TOLD YO-…I mean, maybe, maybe not~

    @pp, lol, that would be pretty scary actually o_o;

    @Zeroblade, now that I think about it, the package does look suspicious if left in front of a store doesn’t it?

    @Panther, wow, imagine if that actually happened o_O;;;

  2. @Zeroblade, Strange, but I never watched Cowboy Bebop in the entirety. o_o; I know, why haven’t I? >.>

    @Kirakun, how’d you get an extra 10%? o_O

    @Rin, Partially correct

    @TheCamelMancer, ….okok, it seems like you guys already know what’s in the bag lol.

    Hectic3 managed to aquire a Saber Alter dollfie from Fate/hollow ataraxia. I’ll post more details when it arrives (which could be a while…Hectic3 is now living in poverty because of this ^^;;;)

  3. Wait, the Saber Alter? Is that the Dark Saber one or the Maid outfit Saber one? Either way you can’t really go wrong.

  4. lol aya i can just see you drooling in anticipation XD!!
    mmhmmm dont you wish for a cameraaaaaaa to take awesome photos of an awesome dolfie? >:D

  5. one grain of rice, two grain of rice, three…. oooh, look over there, its a breadcrumb! :P

    Haha, its not that bad but I am kinda tight on money atm. Will send it as soon as I get some more :)

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