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Doll’s Party 20

Long time no post!
Sorry about the lack of updates, I don’t really have an excuse other than having to grind at Uni >.<
Unfortunately my work isn’t too “moé” so I don’t think it’ll have a place on this blog, but maybe one day XD.

Today I’m showing you guys that haven’t heard the new Dollfie Dream lineup that Volks will be showcasing at Doll’s Party 20. The event is held at Tokyo Big Sight on the 7th December 2008, a tad earlier than the usual date of Christmas. So, without delay, here they are!

Before I continue, for those that have no idea what a Dollfie Dream, let alone a Dollfie or ABJD is, visit an earlier post for a very brief rundown: Dollfie Euphoria.

Doll's Party 20

Dollfie Dream Dynamite

First up, Volks are releasing a new body line for Dollfie Dreams, dubbed Dollfie Dream Dynamite. Two anime series will be featured for this new body, Ikkitousen Great Guardians and Beat Angel Escalayer.

Kanu and Ryoumu

Volks hasn’t released any photos of the Escalayer to my knowledge, so we’ll just have to wait a lil more. For those who want to see the actual base body of a Dollfie Dream Dynamite and compare it to the others, visit Volks’ official base body page. I’m not really a fan of the new bodies, I think they’re a lil too much for my tastes, but it does look quite nice.

For more Ikkitousen love, visit the official page:
Volks' Ikkitousen Official Website

Saber Alter

No words can express the emotion I feel when I saw this. As most of my friends know, I’m quite the fan of Black Saber so it was quite a shock to see that Volks will be producing one. I shouldn’t be so surprised tho, after all, they did release the regular Saber >.>

But in any case, here’s a few photos from the Volks USA site. The link for the official Japanese site is below.

Saber Alter
Saber AlterSaber Alter

I’m… I’m actually going to try and grab myself one with the help of my friend in Japan (I love you buddy) so there goes my money… and I’m supposed to be saving up to go to Japan ^^;

Volks is also going to release a new dress set for Saber, her casual wear with a Dollfie Dream sized plushie lion >:3 Adorable!

Saber Dress Set 3

For more, visit the offical page:
Volks' Fate Official Website

Time out!

So, let’s take a lil time to discuss the future of this lil blog. I’m aware that I haven’t updated for about THREE MONTHS, and it was a mixture of uni, work, games and good old laziness to blame. I’ll try to post more often now since I’m in my end of year holidays.

I thank those who come here regularly and apologise for the lack of updates ^^; I also noticed people want a higher photo shoot content, so I’ll try to fit that in as well, rather than random posts.

16 thoughts on “Dollfies Xmas

  1. Hope your exams went well =) The black Saber certainly looks really good, I’d probably go for it too if I had spare cash and knew someone who could get it for me xD But omg the Dollfie sized lion plushie is awesome! I wouldn’t mind getting the dress set just for the lion if the opportunity presented itself ^^;

  2. Damn, I also want the Saber!

    What’s the lotery thing on the volksusa site? How to enter it?

  3. @pp, thanks for always visiting XD

    @shino, I don’t have exams, just assessments the whole year round! I hope I did ok =/ The Lion plushie is awesome indeed XD

    @Belela-san, Thank you~ Kanu is quite nice.

    @ron~, I know >.> And yes, <3 Saber alter

    @Keats, if you go to the Volks’ USA site you can enter the lottery there, I’m not 100 % sure how since you have to be living in USA or Canada to actually buy from Volks USA =/

  4. Welcome back.
    Sounds like you’re gonna be doing a bit of xmas shopping. :D

    Pity that the Aussie dollar is so weak. I hope it doesn’t end up being too much. It’s pushing figure prices up to almost twice the amount than normal. so i’m suffering here too!

    Tims last blog ( post – ティアーズ・トゥ・ティアラの予約フィギュア「リアンノン」が届きました!

  5. @Saku, lol thanks~ Some people would prefer the Ikkitousen too tho~

    @Tim, I know how you feel ;_; It’s really heartbreaking to see the sollar so low…

    @Persocom, The prices are high, but not as high as Super Dollfies, thankfully @_@ Thanks for the blogroll add!

    @Rin, LOL, I know what you mean, they used to scare me, and some still do, but I’ve warmed up to them now~ :3

  6. Wow, I know I’m behind, but it’s good to have you back! Figures during the one week I have finals and I don’t check is the time you pick up posting again, lol. I’m looking forward to all the cool stuff!

  7. @kevinay, Yea, it’s really low ;_; AND I want to buy another dollfie~?! @__@

    @Sagara, lol Sorry~ I’m still fairly busy with other things atm hehe, but I’ll try to get a photo shoot organised soon.

  8. I love the Escalayer, personally I dont get the commotion over saber though. The outfit of the first one was cool but the actual dolls bore me and I dont like the newer versions face.

  9. Sick, sick, sick 5 Spoke TE’s old school style and balelr. Wish they would come out with some sort of limited edition version of this in different bolt patterns. Oh, well.

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