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Figures everywhere!

Since this blog was inactive for quite some time, I think it’s a good idea to show off some of the new figure additions! This also gives me a chance to ask you guys which figures you would like to see featured in future photo shoots as well. Some of these figures can be classified as “old”, but I did receive them within the last few months ^^;;

Before I start I’d like to take this time to thank pp of Otakurean for sending me this lovely clearfile of Yoake Mae yori Ruriiro na (The bright blue light before the dawn). I know it’s been months since I actually got this prize, and it’s been a looooooooong time coming. So, thank you pp~ :3

Yoake Mae yori Ruriiro naYoake Mae yori Ruriiro na

Figure Acquisitions

Since I have some spare time, I decided to show you guys the new stuff I’ve gotten over the past few months. Surprisingly I’ve managed to keep the figure purchases steady, I had to cancel a few figures since I was running low on cash and not to mention the falling Aussie dollar =/

Max Factory Miku HatsuneKotobukiya Blanc Neige
FREEing Asakura Ryoko

Mikumikumiku, I snagged the Max Factory and Volks figures of Miku, but in the end I parted with the Volks to a friend of mine. I still hope that Max Factory could make a Haku Yowane figure ;_;

Blanc Neige was kind of an impulse buy for me, but her hips are…are just so distracting! She accompanies the old Max Factory Kureha on my shelf. Seriously… look at those hips! *drools*

One of the most expensive and biggest figure in my collection, second only to my Dollfie. Asakura is part of the FREEing 1/4 scale bunny girl set of The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi series. She was shipped, and subsequently paid for on the day that the Aussie dollar fell to 55 Japanese yen… ;_; paincakes were had.

Griffon Enterprises Sasara Kusugawa
Kotobukiya Nono NekomiyaResinya! Shana Strawberry Version

Griffon figures can be hit and miss for me, so this Sasara was a pleasant surprise to me when she arrived in her school swimsuit and maid apron. Her delicious pose just makes my skin tingle with anticipation….of…something… o_O

Nekomimi Nono Nekomiya in mizugi. I just LOVE cats, and thus nekomimi has a special place in my heart, so I couldn’t resist this figure. Now, some of you may notice a school swimsuit trend, but I assure you it isn’t a huge fetish of mine XD

Shana’s first appearance in my figure collection! With this particular figure, they released a regular version, and two store exclusive versions. The regular was the black haired beauty, one was a pink haired and blue uniform with striped stockings which has a resemblance to Alice in Wonderland. This version you see is the Strawberry Version exclusive to the GEE! online store. Not sure why strawberry as it could prolly be more appropriately be called Cherry or Peach…. but oh well~


Alter iM@S trading figures
Max Factory Miki HoshiiKaiyodo Revoltech Fraulein Miki Hoshii

Alter released the second half of the FA4 iM@S trading figures a while back, so now I managed to grab myself a full set of the girls! Well, at least the black version of the set ^^; These trading figures are quite the build, and I must say Alter has done an excellent job on these.

Max Factory has also released Miki Hoshii in two versions, the blonde in green, and the brunette in blue. I opted for the blonde since I’m a sucker for Miki in blonde. The friend who has been supplying me with most of these figures went for the brunette, so if we ever get bored we could always trade XD

Kaiyodo’s latest iM@S Fraulein girl to take the stage is also Miki Hoshii. I had to grab her to produce the various poses I had imagined. She comes with an additional head for those who love the brown, and since they are using the Revoltech joints I used a spare Saber Alter body XD

Nanoha StrikerS

Alter Reinforce Zwei
Alter Hayate Yagami's box!!
Alter Hayate Yagami

Reinforce Zwei! I love this lil figure and it’s mini-ness. It’s like a 1/1 scale of her XD I’m not a huge fan of the StrikerS season, but Reinforce is so cute!

Hayate has recently come out as a figure as well, and in my opinion she’s aged the best >.> She also comes with a mini-mini-boss! Reinforce is even smaller now. Alter has done a nice job of sculpting and painting the really tiny figure, it’s about the same size of those Warhammer miniatures! Hayate’s box is also a force to be reckoned with. It’s even bigger than the massive Fate Testarossa box!! Now where to find space to put the box…

Alice in ???

Alter Alice in WonderlandMegahouse Alice - Queen's Blade

Alter has been doing the 3D incarnations of the POP Wonderland series, and I decided to pick one up! The photo is a lil bland so it does little to bring out the wonder~

Alice from Queen’s Blade was love at first sight, I remember picking up the Hobby Japan magazine…or was it Dengeki Hobby… and seeing the first unpainted prototype. That point on I was watching the pre-order scene with the eyes of an eagle. And here she is.

Queen’s Figures

Megahouse Iron Princess Ymir
Clayz/Hobby Japan Ink-tan
Clayz/Hobby Japan Ink-tanClayz/Hobby Japan Ink-tan

Speaking of Queen’s Blade, Ymir has been released as a black coloured princess now. I couldn’t resist at the time, so I had to pay for her presence. As like the regular version, she can undress nearly everything, even her pantsu! o_o

Next up is the Hobby Japan magazine exclusive Queen’s Gate Ink-tan from Moetan! I had to cut a tiny lil stamp out from the Hobby Japan magazine and send it to a friend of mine in Japan….express…since the cut off date was approaching. Which means that huge envelope in the background with ALL THOSE STAMPS was used to deliver a stamp the size of my thumb…

Queen’s Gate Ink-tan is awesome! Lots of her armour is cast off and it shows, her armour was practically falling off when I try to get her to grip those button batons. It’s highly distracting trying to do something when you get constant mune flashes @_@

Mecha Musume

Beagle M4A1 Sherman Early type 'Elizabeth'Fine Scenery Type 5 Fighter

Aaah, how I love Mecha Musume~ I just had to buy these two figures when I saw them, not to mention they’re both based on Shimada Fumikane’s artwork of Sky Girls/Strike Witches fame.

The M4A1 Early Type Sherman “Elizabeth” has a lot of accessories, you can even de-mechanise her but…why would I do that? o_O Her nonchalant expression is big boon for me :3

The Kawasaki Ki-100 Type 5 Fighter, the main appeal was admittedly the cast off feature >.> BUT her fierce gaze was also appealing for me :3


My room months ago
Solid Theater Saber AlterSolid Theater Saber Alter

A few months ago my apartment had a blackout and I had nothing to do… so I decided to take a few photos for the hell of it. My room has changed a bit since then…more figures…less ceiling space for posters… I also took a few photos of Saber, and it turned out somewhat ok, so I decided to share it here too~

Photo shoot choice

With all these bland photos, I was wondering which of these figures you people would really like to see in a photo shoot, mind you, I tend to do outdoor ones XD
I’ve updated the poll which should appear shortly on the blog as well, so please have your say :3
I’ll see which figures on the poll have a higher demand so I’ll place a higher priority on them when I decide to go on a photo shoot~

Again, thanks to those who visit regularly too~ :3

40 thoughts on “addition@addictions

  1. Nice stuffs! Pretty envious of the stuffs and the amount you’ve gotten, really cool grabs! =)

    Your posters are really awesome man, wish I had more posters. How do you even put them on the ceiling? I have a feeling that if I were to attempt it, I’d most likely fall over backwards and for those that I survive, the posters probably won’t be aligned ^^;

  2. @pp, XD I had to stop myself from spending o much on the iM@S soundtracks alone!

    @shino, I got too many posters @_@ So I had to put them on the ceiling. Blu-tack and a chair is you need XD

    @Dominic, lol, thanks, I was wondering why I feel this sudden pressure @_@

  3. Doesn’t blue tack leave behind a greasy spot on the paper when left untouched for a long period of time? I’ve ruined otherwise good posters that way :(

  4. Unfortunately it can… Still, I haven’t found a better way to put posters up as I don’t want to use sticky tape, and I can’t use thumbtacks as my walls are concrete… =/

  5. I really wonder where you have the space to put all your figures. If I remember correctly, you had them on some shelves at the back, but the the recent influx, you must have well an truly filled it up now… so where will the new additions be going?

  6. @pp, lol, I wish I could do that! Thanks again for the clearfile~

    @Hectic3, it’s all your fault I got so many figures! I’m clearing space everywhere, figures have actually started to live on top of my PC case now…

    @ron~, nevaaaarrr!! :P

    @Panther, That Ryoko cost me a pretty penny ;____;

    @Persocom, noted! :3

    @the_poop, oh! She’s a nice one isn’t she? XD

  7. So many choices…
    I say Ryoko Asakura, Shana and Pastel Ink!!!!!!!
    Do I see posters on the ceiling…I do too but their soooo old…..
    Looks like people these days are starting the trend on poster on ceiling!!!!!!
    You have a nice room too!!!!!

    Rins last blog ( post – Hiya Tsuruya!!!

  8. @Rin, XD Some of the posters are quite old yes hehe~ I’m scared that my room will be filled with posters =S

    @ETERNAL, The Miku is a nice one XD Hayate is also one of my favs~

    @Zeroblade, Vita? As much as I like her…the figure didn’t really appeal to me for some reason =/ still, she’s one of my favs.

    @suneo, Oh how I love Mecha Musume XD I actually prefer the tanks rather than planes. Yea, I got a few friends heading to Comiket~ :3

    @Hangmen, ^^;

  9. Jeez where to start…

    Hatsune Miku is always cool, and I’m impressed you were able to get the bunny Asakura with how expensive it is (the USD isn’t doing much better; value-wise it was around 130 yen to the dollar in 2007, and right now it’s barely hanging on at 91….damn those elevens and their economy doing better than everyone else! lol).

    I laughed a bit at the head swap you did with Miki and Saber, I tried something similar a while back with my Rin and Saber figmas where I swapped their heads…it made Rin seem more badass than before, though it made Saber look kinda goth punk almost…
    Personally I like the figmas more than the fraulein revoltechs, since they just seem more accurate to their original sources.

    Your room though….dang….I wish my parents would let me put up that many posters in my room… I’ve got a few wallscrolls but they don’t quite total up like that! My family is a bit more toward the conservative side though, so even though I’ve got a few issues of Megami magazine it’s not like I can hang many of the posters up.

    Man, sometimes I wonder if my hobbies are spread too thin. Between trying to keep my computer hardware up to speed, buying DVD box sets, and buying every other kind of merchandise I like (figures included), I think I’ve turned into the metaphorical jack-of-all-trades but ace of none.

  10. @Sagara, ya…Bunny Asakura was a pain on my wallet =/ lol, I’d like to see what other crazy combinations can be done with revoltech/figmas.

    I think this is as far as I can push it lol, I don’t think mother would approve of a dakimakura, so I had to sell mine since I wouldn’t have any use for it.

    I know the feeling of hobbies being spread, most of my other hobbies have suffered over the years ^^;

    @Potato, lol, I think I’ll try to do Miku and another figure ^^;

    @Koshiko, oh? A fellow aussie? Oh, Sydney… lol XD I’ll add you to the blogroll~

    @notfair, isn’t it~? XD

  11. Holy fuck. I’d heard rumors about your room. Never imagined Aya no heya would fully live up to it.

    My now question is… what was in that obviously large blank space on your ceiling? It’s not above your computer so I’m going to assume it’s directly above your bed ;)

  12. Is my theory right? It’s something ecchi and NSFW? You like the bijins looking down at you coquettishly while you lie prone.

    Also… I have that same blue and white mug.

    And I’m curious as to how many consoles you have. I saw a Cube, a PS2, a 360 controller, a Dreamcast… gah…

  13. lol, well, it is ecchi, but I would say it’s SFW. I don’t really have any blatantly NSFW stuff on my walls, my mother can only tolerate so much lol.

    The mug is awesome.

    I do have quite a few… my Dreamcast is dying, so I need a new one as I love my DC. my PS2 is going fine with the HDD, I don’t really touch the cube anymore since RE4 and Tales of Symphonia.

    My 360 is dying, i already fixed the RRoD problem, but the disc drive is a lil unpredictable as it might give an error every now and then…so looks like I may need to buy a new NTSC-J XBox 360 >.<

  14. Wow, looks like you’ve been on a spending spree with all those figures. I too have done a bit of figure shopping too, but no where near as many as you did.

    Pity that the Aussie dollar is so weak against the yen. I’m also an Aussie too, so I share your pain. I also got stung with that 55 yen exchange rate too.. and also on the same Ryoko Asakura figure. Coincidence?

    I got mine from so I’m guessing you also probably got it from there when they restocked and sold out after a short time later.

  15. seriously.. i feel Hobby Japan has overpaid you…
    how could you get all these goodies -_-

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