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Death Sensei - Peace@Pieces


Death Sensei

Super big large huge delay! It’s been a while since I updated this site with actual content. But I digress, today I’m bringing you Death Sensei! I received her a while ago as some of you may remember from an earlier post, and I felt that it was a good idea to keep up to date with the Peace@Pieces series of figures from Alter.

So, after a long wait, a new photo shoot!

Death Sensei - Peace@Pieces

Death Sensei, one of the characters that I find appealing, if only for her name. There’s something that I can’t put my finger on, but this type of character really tingles my moé senses. Perhaps the way she looks at people? Maybe the elaborate hair? I can’t really tell… Whatever it is, I like what I see XD

Death Sensei - Peace@PiecesDeath Sensei - Peace@Pieces
Death Sensei - Peace@Pieces


This will sound somewhat vague, but I took Death to one of the buildings in Southbank, which is across the Yarra River, opposite of Flinders Street Train Station. As it was some sort of business building, it was quite modern, with large window panes and somewhat post modern decor. The ground floor was the place of interest, having a lounge area next to a cafe :3

Death Sensei - Peace@PiecesDeath Sensei - Peace@PiecesDeath Sensei - Peace@Pieces


Everything was fairly straight forward, though I did forget to bring a reflector. I had to make do with scrap pieces of paper ^^;

There was a small problem with the camera position though, the seats are squishy so it was hard to keep the tripod balanced.

My camera is giving me a hard time, I’m finding that I’ve been post editing the photos more and more these days. I’m starting to feel that my camera is showing its age…. I would like to get a DSLR but right now I’m still low on money with spendings, but that’s a story for another post ^^

Death Sensei - Peace@Pieces


Mysterious Death~ I haven’t played Peace@Pieces before so I’m not sure on the whole story of any of the characters, Death included. Morikawa Hiromitsu has done an excellent job of depicting Death. Her pose gives off a nice elegance and the paint work of Alter is top notch. There are a few seamlines but they are mostly kept out of way whenever possible. The detailing of the model is not too overly complex in style which keeps it in tune with the game, which I think fits very well.

Death Sensei - Peace@PiecesDeath Sensei - Peace@Pieces


Frustration. That word sums it all up. I was frustrated that it took so long to get another photo shoot, frustrated that it took so long to process it, and frustrated that it required so much work. However the photos turned out decently I think. I had to colour correct quite a bit more than normal but hopefully it looks ok for you people~

Also, I am a lil worried about the noise I can see in the images, I guess this new LCD screen is good for something at least o_o;

Death Sensei - Peace@PiecesDeath Sensei - Peace@Pieces
Death Sensei - Peace@PiecesDeath Sensei - Peace@Pieces


A great figure to have. If you already have the previous Hikaru and Nagi, then this Death is a must have XD Just like the other two figures by Alter, she’s superbly done and deserves to be in anyone’s collection of Peace@Pieces figures. I’m hoping that Alter will do more of the characters from Peace@Pieces, but only time will tell.

I had a fairly relaxed time while taking the photos, the lounge area had carpet floors, and it was quite cool inside compared to the heat outside (yes…it was back when the weather was hot).

So, after a long wait, I hope you guys enjoy this photo shoot. It was taken a long time ago as well, so the delay was a really long one @_@

Death Sensei - Peace@PiecesDeath Sensei - Peace@PiecesDeath Sensei - Peace@Pieces

Details – Photo shoot

Nikon Coolpix P2
23th May 2008
Southbank, Melbourne

Details – Figure

Death Sensei
Morikawa Hiromitsu
Release date
December 2007
Place of purchase
HobbyLink Japan
Retail price
6,300 yen
Bought it for
$63.00 AU
Availability – HLJ (at time of writing)
Discontinued :(
HappySoda’s entry ENG
lu-k’s entry ENG
Shinohai’s entry ENG

End Note:
Ok~ Time for a lil update chat since I’m currently on my last day of trimester break @_@

Otakurean owner, pp, has sent me an August soft/Aria clearfile folder as a giveaway prize. I recieved this MONTHS ago but had no time to take a good picture of it yet. I’ll try to update this asap as I feel somewhat guilty of not doing so.

As most of the regular readers would know, my update frequency is low as ever, going as low as 1 per month, and those posts aren’t even proper ones! I’ve been super busy with my studies so far as this is a fast tracked course (3 year studies into 2 years) so I’ve been doing most of the work >.< Perhaps I’ll show you the 2D/3D work one day?

Also, I’ve updated WordPress, which has given me a lil more trouble but so far so good… except for IE 6 users, the right-right sidebar seems to be …down further than usual ^^; I’m not sure how to fix this, and right now I don’t have time to fix it @_@ So I’ll see what I can do within the coming weeks (the earlier weeks in a trimester are usually less loaded with work…usually…)

I’m going to have to say that I’ll prolly won’t be updating this blog as much as when I first started. This isn’t due to my lack of interest, on the contrary, I would rather be updating my blog, but uni work takes priority, and unfortunately, it takes a lot of my spare time… So I apologise to the regular readers who may be disappointed with the less updates >.<

19 thoughts on “Post Mortem

  1. It’s good to see a new post from you, even if it did take quite a while ;p Really sweet background in the photos, unfortunate about all the frustration you’re facing with regards to processing, but it could mean that you have an improved eye and won’t settle for anything less than the best =) But I kind of get what you mean, I have to process my pics all the time, that’s why I burnt out I guess xD

    No worries about your lack of updates, as pp said, real life definitely comes first and even more so since it’s your studies we’re talking about (you can always ditch work to blog IMO :p). Even super rats has mentioned that blogging is for when you’ve got nothing better to do xD So do whatever you like man, I’m sure the regular readers will support you all the way! ^^b

  2. Well, as I regular reader, it’s good to see you back.
    We’ll, everyone have an offline life. I do to and it takes up a lot of time.
    Like Shino said, as a regular reader, I support you all the way!!!!!!!
    I love your new shoot!!!!! I do have to say, Death Sensei is a great figure!!!!

    Rins last blog ( post – Post in Progress…

  3. Dang…that’s a nice one…

    The only things I’ve bought lately were the Saber and Rin figmas, and the 1/6th scale Shiki Ryogi figure (Kara no Kyoukai). Everything else has been going towards books for classes….

    So, I noticed you’ve played Gundam Operation Troy, for an average/slightly more enthusiastic than normal Gundam fan like me, would you say it’s really good (worth the money?)

  4. Ah, I forgot you upgraded to the new WordPress, which have problems with comment with open and closed brackets which looked like a HTML code T~T
    Just delete my previous comment ^^;

    I’m a regular reader, so it’s nice to see some new update in here! But yeah, everyone have an offline life, so don’t worry about the lack of updates! =)
    Well, blogging is my school work for me (my school have a project called “Make a website and maintain it for at least 2 years!”), so I do it all the time (even on my free time) since I enjoy doing it xD
    But you have uni work, that comes first =3
    I support you all the way! =D

    Anyway, I’m starting to like buying figurines now xD
    I pre-ordered the Hatsune Miku figma, Hatsune Miku nendoroid and Shana Nendoroid =3
    Death Sensei is an awesome one! I love Pieces@Pieces!

    kevinays last blog ( post – figma Hatsune Miku

  5. Yeah! Nice to see you’re still around. It is good to be able to read new nice moe stuff here time to time, and no need to be too regularly, especially if it has to be a constrainst :)

    Death-sensei is an amazing figure, one of the best released in 2007. It is nice to see her again through flattering pictures.

    lu-ks last blog ( post – FigmAction Special

  6. @Shino, lol, yea, I do strain my eyes a lil when I do the post processing, but it’s all good in the end when I see my finished results. I know exactly what you mean about the burning out XD

    I’m into my second year studies now, so it’ll be quite painful for me ^^; But I hope I can still provide moe for everyone here XD

    @Rin, XD Thanks for the support, I hope I can show you people more things in the future to come :3

    @Sagara, Ah, Shiki is a really nice model. The kimono looks fantastic!

    Regarding the Operation Troy, it’s pretty cool, I liked it but because I’m playing from Australia, the Japanese hosted games lag A LOT, so it kinda takes the fun out of it… but if you have some spare cash, go for it. Mind you, it’s only really fun online, offline mode is restricted to basic MS and very linear gameplay.

    @kevinay, XD so do I! Yea, I noticed that lil problem, I’ll have to relearn how to fix that, along with IE6’s problem with my right-right sidebar =_= Having a project like that for school is awesome XD I wish I had something like that, but it’s all pretty intense animation work for me. Perhaps if I produce something cute I may post it here…maybe…

    @lu-k, Thanks! Though I think some of my photoshoots in the future will focus around some fairly “old” figures ^^;;

  7. waa it’s been awhile! :P
    Though you’ve been gone for awhile, you still have a lot of faithful people checking your site, so you’re never alone haha ^^ On the other hand I must be doin something wrong since people hit and run my site but never leave a whole lot of comments… o.O

    Anyway, never played Peace@Pieces myself either, but out of the shinigami you mentioned, I like Nagi the best :D

    suneos last blog ( post – [Games] Rumor: Cross Edge coming to US?

  8. finally aya :D
    nice to see an update
    also leme know if u want anything c75, and let danny know too.

  9. Good choice. Alter make really nice figures. I recently bought a figure of Aya from Oneechanbara Vortex. She looks better than what she does in the actual game.

    Also, you NEED to tell me how you order from Japan. Is it SMJ or some other service? I’ve been using SMJ, and they’re fine, but if there’s something better out there that’s cheaper, please let me know.

  10. @suneo, thanks XD however I feel like I’m not really giving all I can recently =/

    @ron~, ya….no money for SLR atm… ;_;

    @TheCamelMancer, I’ll see what I need XD

    @Wavehawk, you’ll see one soon I hope~

    @thepoop, Thanks for the link XD

    @rhett, would taste awesome too!

    @Elixir, I order from either HLJ or Hobbysearch, but recently most of my orders are rfom a friend who is living there for the moment :3

    @Seo, each post does take a bit of time for me to do ^^;;

    Ok, I just finished my last grind through uni for the year, so I’m fairly free now~ I’m going to try and get some photoshoots happening, but I’ve noticed that my camera is slowly dying

    Hopefully the pictures won’t drop much in quality ^^; I’m also going to try and keep this blog mainly for photos, and maybe the occasional write up about particular topics!

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