Happy Birthday あずさ-さん!!

Happy Birthday Azusa!

iM@S Birthdays


Happy Birthday Azusa Miura! :)

Such large eyes...

*sigh* It’s quite dead aruond here =/ I’m still in the last few weeks of my trimester so I’m even busier than before >.< I'll update with another photo shoot in my holidays, and I'm terribly sorry again for the lack of updates.

9 thoughts on “Happy Birthday あずさ-さん!!

  1. @Panther, try playing it! :3

    @Zeroblade, no, prolly not the only one, and yes, not a bad thing at all XD

    @Rinka, sexy indeed huhu~

  2. I’ve been going through 11 credit hours of summer courses, so I feel your pain. Almost done though…just 3 more weeks…

    And holy crud that image of her is smoking hot…

    In side news, you may find this to be funny: Kotori is getting her own plane skin in AC6 even…. (it’s the A10, lol)

    But yeah, I really wish we could get our summers back…

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