Extraterrestrial Maid

Lucy Maria Misora - ToHeart2


Lucy Maria Misora Maid ver.

Ruu~! It’s time to serve the customers~!
I finally finished processing the photos for Maid Lucy from ToHeart2.
As a fan of Leaf/Aquaplus’ work, I’m quite happy that I was able to feature this Lucy :3
Read on to see more!

Lucy Maria Misora - ToHeart2

As you may know, Lucy is an alien on a journey to discover Earth, As such she has some quirky character traits which would appeal to some people’s sense of moé… like me :3 I’ll be featuring the 2 version of Wave’s rendition of Maid Lucy, the normal red version which appears in the game, and the limited black version which was released exclusively for the summer Wonderfest ’07 event, and also for their online web store. Only 950 pieces were made @_@;;

Lucy Maria Misora - ToHeart2Lucy Maria Misora - ToHeart2Lucy Maria Misora - ToHeart2
Lucy Maria Misora - ToHeart2


While this is technically an “indoor” photo shoot, I’m considering it an outdoor one for a few reasons. The photos weren’t taken in my room, and there wasn’t really any lighting setup at all. Where was the photo shoot at you say? It was at the Westin Hotel Melbourne, and it was quite an experience taking photos of figures in a high class environment @_@

We were seated in the middle of the lobby hall where the cafe served us and Lucy was perched upon the tiny stool table thing ^^;

Lucy Maria Misora - ToHeart2Lucy Maria Misora - ToHeart2
Lucy Maria Misora - ToHeart2Lucy Maria Misora - ToHeart2


Because this was an indoor environment, I had to find a seat with enough lighting. A friend and I went to a side seat in the middle, it was right at the huge window panes, overlooking Swanston street. I had to take a reflector with me to try to get more light on the other side of Lucy. It was a lil hard to get good non-blurry shots since I had nothing to keep the camera still with besides my own hands =/

I tried using the other tiny table but it was at a different height and didn’t really help either =/ There was enough light to keep it manageable I guess, but I think my camera is getting weary and I’m afraid it’s loosing the touch, I need to get a DSLR sometime >.<

Lucy Maria Misora - ToHeart2Lucy Maria Misora - ToHeart2


Oh god, I saw the resin cast figure of this Lucy in person way back in the summer of ’06 at Wonderfest. When it was announced that they’re making a PVC cast of this I had to get it. And I did… then they revealed the limited black version, I had to get it ^^; So now I have both, though I am trying to sell the red version.

The figure is an excellent sculpt, Atsushi Yoshino (Carrey) manged to give Lucy that petite figure while still showing those sexy legs. The dress is a cast off but the absence of the skirt makes the top fabrics above the waist look too thick for what they are. The paint is also nicely done, the details are mostly clean, and the line work is excellent. I know some of you don’t like shiny stockings, but this figure has them. The shine is almost pearlescent but I suspect it’s just good shade work with a gloss top coat to give that illusion. Oh, and her shoes are awesome :3

Lucy Maria Misora - ToHeart2Lucy Maria Misora - ToHeart2Lucy Maria Misora - ToHeart2
Lucy Maria Misora - ToHeart2


Could be better, I tend to think that way with most of the photo shoots now. I’m starting to think that this snapshot camera is limiting my potential growth in skills, but with my monetary constraints, I can’t do much.

This Lucy is possibly one of my favourite figures in my collection. Though I’m not sure if it’s because of the figure, or the fact that it’s a limited edition.

I tried to give this photo set a more sophisticated look with the look, originally it was going to be a dark brown/orange tint to the edges but it didn’t feel consistent throughout the set, so I went for a more slick style. This is an example of the “arty” steps I’m trying to take to help compliment the photos ^^; Hope you guys like it.

Lucy Maria Misora - ToHeart2Lucy Maria Misora - ToHeart2
Lucy Maria Misora - ToHeart2Lucy Maria Misora - ToHeart2Lucy Maria Misora - ToHeart2


I’m pretty happy with the turnout of the photos, for what I had to do to get them done… I notice with my recent photos I have needed to photoshop them more heavily than usual, I suspect my camera is kinda showing it’s age ^^;

I quite like this set of photos, I hope you guys will too :3

Lucy Maria Misora - ToHeart2Lucy Maria Misora - ToHeart2
Lucy Maria Misora - ToHeart2Lucy Maria Misora - ToHeart2Lucy Maria Misora - ToHeart2Lucy Maria Misora - ToHeart2
Lucy Maria Misora - ToHeart2Lucy Maria Misora - ToHeart2Lucy Maria Misora - ToHeart2
Lucy Maria Misora - ToHeart2Lucy Maria Misora - ToHeart2

Details – Photo shoot

Nikon Coolpix P2
27th March 2008
Westin Hotel Melbourne

Details – Figure

Lucy Maria Misora
Atsushi Yoshino (Carrey)
Release date
Regular Red: July 2007
Limited Black: August 2007
Place of purchase
Regular Red: HobbyLink Japan
Limited Black: Wave (Thanks to Hectic)
Retail price
4,900 yen
Bought it for
Regular Red: $51.00 AU
Limited Black: $55.00 AU
Availability – HLJ (at time of writing)
Discontinued :(
Otadesho’s entry ENG

Lucy Maria Misora - ToHeart2

30 thoughts on “Extraterrestrial Maid

  1. nice maid girl :P
    I haven’t watched/played ToHeart2 before, but incidentally Lucy and Tama-nee are the two characters that I see the most and am interested in lol. First time I saw Lucy was a resin kit from somewhere (can’t remember who the kit was by), but it was a nekkid figure… Nonetheless I thought she was an interesting looking character and have remembered her name till now lol

    btw nice location for pics ^^ I’d like to take some figures out for some nice outdoor shots sometime but I’m one to get easily embarassed lol.

    That dessert and drink you ordered look damn good!!

    suneo’s last blog post..[Cherry Girls] Boys like maid clothing!? — Chapter 1

  2. Hello there~

    Followed your post through DannyChoo.com, was drawn in by the double baited hook of Maid and To-Heart 2. The pictures you took are lovely, very sharp and well lit! For all the trouble you went through the photoshoots really came through.

    I really like the last set of shots in particular where you set her up against the lobby backdrop, well done. :3

    Len-Vesper’s last blog post..The Little Devil in Stockings…

  3. Great pics, I really liked the first ones with Lucy next to the dessert, but the other ones are very nice as well. Too bad there was no panty shots. XP

  4. @Len-Vesper, Thanks :3 The lobby came out a lil dark but couldn’t really be helped ^^;;

    @gordon, Thanks, and the drink & cake was delicious too XD

    @Deathy, if you look real close, you can see pantsu on some shots :3

  5. Real Nice!!! Love the shoot!!!
    LOVE THAT FIGURE!!! I so want it now!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hmmmmm, it’s decided, I’m going to get her. Now, time to order her…

    Rin’s last blog post..Lucky Star Figma

  6. Lovely photos. Funny to see that you didn’t get kicked out for taking photos inside the lobby of a hotel. I tried before and got kicked out, and that’s for both figure and normal wedding photography.

    Adun’s last blog post..To Love-Ru – 05

  7. omg aya i love the figure!!~~!! <3
    but what cake is that?? i wanna knoww!! (lol you know me)
    a berry mousse cake?? it looks yummieee :3
    ps i like her red outfit better though o:

  8. Wow….that’s a nice one too…

    A little risque for my taste but a very nice sculpt nonetheless.

  9. You and Han went to Westin to eat some cakes!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I am sure!
    You never join me to those fancy places when I’m around :(
    I’m sad… LOL!
    When I come back to Melbourne, you are so going to supply me 1 month of Westin’s cake!

    I like the black one more than the red :)
    Nice pictures there as always mate ^^

  10. Interesting place to take your picture ^^, didn’t people started looking at you weirdly?

    Well you don’t need a D-SLR to take gorgeous pictures, sure it helps with all those color balances, sharpness and stuff, but a point and shot camera with ISO control, shoot modes and color balances is good enough. Of course if you find that the point and shot ones are limiting you because your skills are getting better than go for it and get a D-SLR ^_^, make sure to read all comments and reviews on the models you are interested.

    Belela-san’s last blog post..Kawazoe Tamaki

  11. @super rats, XD Thanks

    @Rin, Goodluck! She’s a real nice figure :3

    @Benjamin Takeyo, As I hoped it would :3

    @Adun, Really? That sounds harsh =/ However my friend and I did order some food so perhaps that’s why they didn’t kick us out?

    @MobiusZero, Thanks, and yup XD

    @ron~, Ya =/ but oh well, not too distracting I hope

    @racheese, XD I can’t really remember, but the cake had a chocolate mousse base with some sort of cheesecake then a layer of strawberry jam thingy… ^^;

    @lu-k, and this is one of my fav alien XD

    @Sagara, it’s a lil risque for you? o_o

    @Kirakun, XD ya, he showed me the place where you guys went before~

    @Belela-san, If they did I tried not to notice and focus on the photo taking ^^; I’ve been looking into a few DSLR models but I don’t have the funds to get any ^^;

    @Pure Trance, Tama-nee is also very very nice~ :3

    @Zeroblade, not sure…lost count? ^^;;

  12. Very nice set of photos and you’re brave enough to do it in a cafe with people staring at you :D. I don’t have the confidence to do that yet lol. The last picture is my fave :D among the rest.

    Cake looks delicious mmmmmm.

    Saku’s last blog post..Rin Tohsaka Swimsuit by Clayz Ver. 2

  13. All I meant by risque is that that skirt is practically asking for a panty shot…

  14. @morimoli, So do I XD, it’s so adorable~

    @Saku, Thanks, and the cake was delicious :3

    @Sagara, And that’s another reason why I love it. The Saber is also awesome, I wonder if they’ll do an Illya or Caren…

  15. wow…u actually got the 2 versions of lucy maid. personally i got the black only,she sure is a beauty. cant forget the “must get” feel i got when 1st saw her photos. keep the great pictures coming!!

  16. If anyone is looking for this figure (limited edition in black unopened in box) I am selling it. Please let me know!

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