Dollfie Dreams

Okies! Time to revisit the Dollfie Dream scene!
Today I’ll be showing you some of the newer dollfies that I haven’t really talked about much.
We’ll be looking at the Fortune Arterial, Super Robot Wars and Fate/hollow ataraxia.
Please note, all these dollfies are limited editions, so… Good luck!

Some of you may remember reading about Dollpa, or known as Doll’s Party, an event held by Volks to showcase and sell their new products, and also a place where dollfie lovers can go and sell their own items. You could say it’s a dollfie version of Comiket. For more info you can either google it, or visit some of my earlier posts: Euphoric Temptations and Dollfie Euphoria

Fortune Arterial

First up is the Fortune Arterial dollfies!
Volks has decided to continue their eroge based dollfies with August Soft’s latest work, Fortune Arterial.
Two dollfies from the series has been released at the Hometown Dollpa Kyoto 5. Click on the images to go to their respective sites:

Sendo Erika

Here we have cheery Erika, I love this one and I’d buy it if I had the money at the time… The uniform looks gorgeous as well, I’d much prefer this than Yuki Nagato’s but oh well ^^;

Kuze Kiriha

And here we have Kiriha, her beautiful black hair is so appealing to me, along with her sexy black stockings compared to Erika’s socks.

This isn’t the first time Volks has done an August Soft game dollfie interpretation either, their earlier works can be seen at the 夜明け前より瑠璃色な -Brighter than dawning blue- official site.
Both images are from their official Volks site.

Super Robot Wars

Next up is the Super Robot Wars series!
For those who don’t know, the SRW series has been around for quite some time, featuring various mecha shows such as Getter Robo and Gundam separated into two distinct categories, Super types, and Real types. With the series, there are “original” characters not from an existing anime/game, and they’ve grown so popular that they’ve spawn their own game, Super Robot Wars Original Generations. The featured dollfies are two characters from the SRW original cast, both were sold at a special event on 3rd May 2008.

Excellen Browning

A mature looking dollfie, for those who like their women a lil more experienced~ This is one of the few Dollfie Dreams I’ve seen that has a fairly visible lip, making her look more like a Super Dollfie.

Latourni Svotna
Latourni Svotna

Latvnyç, or Latun, or Latune, or Latourni, I don’t know…
A new addition to the Volks MiniDD series. While I adore the character, I feel that the dollfie doesn’t quite feel right =/ But as always, the clothes are beautiful~

Fate/hollow ataraxia

And here we are, Saber, the bane of my dollfie hobby. Ever since she was announced I was killing myself at the thought of actually regretting that I bought Evelyn, the Yuki Nagato DD. The feeling has passed, though I still wish I had money for such a extravagant Dollfie. As far as I know, this Saber is the most expensive one yet, not to mention her box is also quite unique, putting aside the uniform look of the dollfie boxes for a more elegant and stronger box to carry all her gear, and believe me, she has quite a bit. Saber was first released only a month ago at the Dollpa 19 event on 27th April 2008. She was also released at the Dollpa 19 Afterparty event only a few days ago on 17-18th May 2008.

Here are some scans I did from the Dengeki Hobby magazine… or was it Hobby Japan magazine?…I forgot OTL, was scanned a few weeks back for the Den of Angels forum (go here for lots of info!)


Volks have also released 2 clothes set for Saber, the holiday dress and the maid dress. For more info you can visit the official site at:


There is one owner that is a very happy and poor one now, you can visit their blog to see much more photos of Saber in her brand spanking new box, along with her clothes and accessories! Quick! Go to KitsuneSuki!! NOW!

The End

Well, there’s the lil post on the new Dollfie Dream releases, I’m not sure if any of you will be able to buy, or even find, the above dollfies, but I wanted to let you know what Volks have been up to :3

21 thoughts on “i[DD]olatry

  1. The others look pretty good (I think I’m partial to the Kuze Kiriha one), but jeez….that Saber one…now there’s one I might buy!

    Two weeks ago if you told me I would be seriously considering saving up to buy a doll (and not mean figure) then I probably would’ve told you to jump in a lake…but that looks nice…

    The other Saber variants like the holiday and maid outfit ones look nice, but I guess since I already have the figures of those they don’t seem quite as appealing. Plus the overall superb look of her in the full armor gives me a /little/ more leeway explaining to others why I got a doll…

    (I don’t know why but I have a feeling that I’d be crossing a threshold somewhere if I got something like this….)

  2. I don’t know if I should drool or be scared. The fortune arterial ones are very nice but Excellen is scary and doesn’t even look like her and Latooni is not that good either. Saber is very though, as always.

    Belela-san’s last blog post..Kotobukiya Action Bases

  3. @Sagara117, I know that feeling all too well, I had to go through it multiple times with various things I’ve bought @_@;

    @Pure Trance, She’s a nice one :3 but not my type I guess~

    @Belela-san, Agreed, and I’m going to assume you mean the Saber is very nice though?

  4. I’d take that Kiriha, though Erika is a good choice too. Of course, that’s assuming they weren’t worth 5-digit amounts of money.

    Zeroblade’s last blog post..On Aria.

  5. Eh, what the heck, why not…I mean I’ve already gone and purchased a Japanese 360 for one game even when I’ve already got an American one…..I don’t know if there’s anything that could surprise anyone that knows me at this point. lol.

  6. hihi,im the very happy and very poor owner of saber XD
    i noticed ur site long ago with yuki while researching on Dollfie Dreams before i actually decided to get saber.

    i like ur photos,esp with yuki in the alice clothings.by chance,are u on toysdailly as well? think i saw a username similiar to urs.

    a small request here,really hope u can do a post on taking care of DDs.sad to say…the DD population here is….soo pathetic,no 1 bothers to ans my qns on local forums…
    i will update u as well when theres new pictures of saber :D thanks very much!

  7. @ron~, The Suigintou SD is a nice one, the others I didn’t like so much…. but I could be bias lol

    @Rin, they used to….some still do but I can appreciate the majority of them~

    @Zeroblade, well, 5 digits of yen…

    @Morimoli, desho~? :3

    @Belela-san, XD no problems

    @Sagara117, oh? You’re going to try to get the Saber for real?

    @taesake, Oh hiyo! Thanks for visiting~ I’m sorry but I’m not on ToysDaily…at least I don’t think so o_O

    I’ll can try to make a post on taking care of them, but if you can’t wait, you can try out Den Of Angels forums, that’s the best place to find info on taking care of your lovely DD Saber (and being the envy of the DD lovers there) along with other dollfie types.

    Though, you prolly should of read some basic stuff before deciding to buy such an expensive dollfie, especially a limited edition! @_@ Hope to see more photos of Saber :3

  8. I still can’t make myself liking them…
    But I guess they look better than me when i wake up…
    I scared myself to death looking at the mirror in the morning

  9. Well…..I would try to……except…..

    I have no idea how the heck I would get it seeing as I don’t know of a single online store that sells them. Help? (Keep in mind I live in the US)

  10. thanks for ur fast reply!
    well,i been looking thru den of angels quite sometime even before saber was annouced.
    i though i would have lots of time to check out more on dollfies before i actually go for suiginto SD.End up,DD saber just pop up! Not much time to consider..suddenly,its a moment of decision vs a lifetime of regrets.My love for saber wins over anything else :D Now my plans is to get a stand for her as well as a display casing.

  11. @Kirakun, haha XD

    @Sagara, =/ that’s a lil hard, you could get it through a deputy service but it’ll cost you a bit….assuming you can actually win the bids on Yahoo Japan.

    @taesake, lol, DoA is a great place. Lucky you got Saber when you did, though I guess you paid a premium price for her ^^;;;

  12. Hahaha, me…winning an online bid on something….on top of trying to get it against a bunch of Japanese people no less…

    That battle has it’s odds stacked a little uncomfortably against me…..dang…

  13. it sure is my great fortune to get her..
    as u said a very poor owner..BUT im have no regrets getting her :)
    OT a bit,u planning to get any other DD for nw?

  14. @Sagara, ah ^^;; well, look at DoA if you need help~

    @taesake, No…I don’t have money, nor do I have room for another DD =/ But maybe in the future~

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