Evelyn in Wonderland

Evelyn T. Mutsu - Yuki Nagato DD

Yuki Nagato Dollfie Dream II

Evelyn T. Mutsu

Biiiig delay since my last photo shoot. I still have some more goodies for this blog incoming as well :3
The past few weeks have been choking up my free time so I’m sorry about the lack of activity, and especially about not being able to visit other blogs, I feel like I’m neglecting a lot of you out there @_@;;

Without much more to say, on with the show!

Evelyn - Dollfie Dream II

I’ve bought some new clothes for Evelyn a while ago, a pair of white stockings, and an Alice in Wonderland clothes set (grey type) from HLJ.com by Azone International, the company that produces clothes and accessories mainly for Obtisu 60cm dolls.

Here are some photos of Evelyn wearing the stockings in her normal clothes.

Evelyn - Dollfie Dream IIEvelyn - Dollfie Dream II
Evelyn - Dollfie Dream IIEvelyn - Dollfie Dream II

I do like the new socks I got for her, they’re nice and white and cover up the dolljoint ^^; Not that I don’t like dolljoints that much, but I just love stockings on girls :3

The next set of photos are just showing off the new clothes Evelyn has~

Evelyn - Dollfie Dream II
Evelyn - Dollfie Dream IIEvelyn - Dollfie Dream II
Evelyn - Dollfie Dream II
Evelyn - Dollfie Dream IIEvelyn - Dollfie Dream II
Evelyn - Dollfie Dream II
Evelyn - Dollfie Dream II
Evelyn - Dollfie Dream IIEvelyn - Dollfie Dream II

This wasn’t really a proper photo shoot, considering all I did was take pictures of Evelyn in my room with no regard to artistic values…sorry ^^;
But I do hope you enjoy the new clothes she has, ideally I’d take a photo of her outdoors in some sort of park setting, preferably with hedges XD however I’m still a lil hesitant on bringing her outside without a proper carrying case, and I’m still too shy to actually carry her in full view either ^^;

The next photo shoot I’ll be posting up will be Lucy maid ver. from ToHeart2, look forward to that :3

To keep you guys sustained, here’s your long deprived pantsu shot~

Evelyn - Dollfie Dream II

Details – Photo shoot

Nikon Coolpix P2
3rd April 2008
My room!

Details – Dollfie

Character Name & Series
Yuki Nagato (長門 有希)- Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi
Doll Name
Evelyn Tirpitz Mutsu (陸奥)
Dollfie Series
Dollfie Dream II
Dress design
Azone International
Yuki Nagato original
Yuki Nagato original
Animetic Yuki Nagato original metallic 24mm
Dollfie Dream II (DDII) with Normal skin and M size bust
Clothes (worn)
60cm Alice Dress Set Gray Azone SAR Series – White apron, grey dress with white sleeves, grey headband ribbon/60cm, 60cm Knee Socks White Azone SAR Series
Place of purchase (clothes)
HobbyLink Japan
Retail price (clothes)
60cm Alice Dress Set Gray – 5,800yen
60cm Knee Socks White – 600yen
Bought it for (clothes)
60cm Alice Dress Set Gray – 5,220yen
60cm Knee Socks White – 540yen

24 thoughts on “Evelyn in Wonderland

  1. That really is a wonderful doll and the new clothes are fabulous. With the sword, she somehow reminds me of Youmu. Wish I had one.

    Honya’s last blog post..Bari Haken

  2. @Adun, I’ll ask again, have any idea which dollfie you want~?

    @Honya, I wanted to make some Yuyuko clothes for Evelyn XD but now taht you mention it, it does remind me of Youmu

    @myu, thank you~ :3

    @Zeroblade, I go where no normal man dares to go~!

    @Rin, about 60cm actually :3

    EDIT: oops, fixed the problem with viewing the full size images

  3. Really, really nice. Artistic value flies out the window when those new clothes look that sweet! I really ought to not get into a Dollfie, I think I’m terrified now that I’ll be hooked beyond hope with them, it looks so fun and awesome!

  4. Why did I have have to click on the panstu shot, now I feel dirty T.T

  5. And all I took away from that was that you have Touhou figures….gao…….(I <3 Touhou)

  6. @shino, It is fun and awesome!….but your bank account would be horrified at the costs @_@;

    @Natsumie, We all have urges……give into the dark side!

    @Kirakun, And you’re scary to the dollfies XD

    @Sagara, I have touhou figures?? I don’t have any from memory, but I will be getting some soon :3

    @ron~, ya, Alice clothes, and I kinda agree….very maid like, maybe I’ll have another “glamour” shot of Evelyn in the apron only huhu~

    @Pure Trance, some very nice clothes for those sizes, I have a somewhat harder time with my DDII

  7. All these dolls are a bit… weird…… :P

    If it was like Warhammer, at least you could play a strategy game with it.

    That thing with the blue hair on the right-hand side of the screen is breathing into and out of a bubble – surely it would be dead from lack of fresh oxygen by now?

  8. lol rhett… fail comment :p anyways keep up the good work aya :p hopefully ill be goin to japan again end of this year and we’ll see what we can pick up for u at C75 :p

  9. hi
    can u plz take more pix of it with just panties on or preferably with nohting on plz
    thx thx

  10. I would gladly line up for aya if he promises me the same thing he promise u hectic3…
    btw… did u get that shrine of DFC?

  11. @Rhett, Blue hair thing?

    @TheCamelMancer, I’m low on cash….;_; prolly won’t be able to get much from comiket~

    @Hectic3, did I mention I love you for lining up?

    @Marcus, and lots more as well…

    @Bob, you could always google for plain doll bodies…

    @Mami~, I know…I havn’t had time to buy her some nice black shoes =/

  12. COOL! YOU BOUGHT SOME CLOTHES FOR EVELYN! ^_^ As far as the ‘blue hair thing’ I think they meant Miku…^^;

  13. I NEEDED a new profile pic for faceobok I didn’t know I would have the honor of being on the BLOG! I love watching my beautiful, fun-loving daughter work! It’s my privilege to share time with her! So glad the BLOG has been launched more fun to come!

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