Japan Package #4

Oh noes! My money!

Anti-wallet express

Goodies from Japan

I managed to squeeze some time to actually do a proper post. Long story short, I’m bogged down with work, uni work and sick family members >.<

So, this package was actually received on the 28th of last month and I didn’t had time to update on the day =/


Behold, Anti-wallet materials

So, as you can see above, the contents of the box from my friend, Hectic. The other box was from Hobby Link Japan, and it contained clothes for Evelyn, more on that in another post :P

Famitsu Xbox360

Famitsu (ファミ通) has been around for a loooooooong time, and as such, is one of the more respected series of game magazines in Japan. This is their Xbox360 line of magazines and this issue has a feature on iM@S Live For You! :3 It comes with two booklets of games I don’t have much interest in, and a poster of iM@S Live For You!!

ファミ通 Xbox360


Gemaga (ゲーマガ) is a general game magazine rather than focusing on one system. This issue it also features iM@S Live For You! and includes a pencilboard of iM@S and a standard issue DVD, which happens to feature the iM@S Live For You! Trailer, exclusive interview/radio show with Azusa and Chihaya’s voice actors, and the standard package of the latest trailers from across the world… most in Japanese tho XD

ゲーマガiDOLM@STER Live For You! Pencilboard!

Dengeki Moeoh

Unlike the others, Dengeki Moeoh (電撃萌王) is really about the artists. There’s usually only two reasons why I would buy a Dengeki Moeoh, one is that Komatsu Eeji is featured, or there’s special goodies. This issue it had special goodies XD This time last year, Dengeki Moeoh gave out a year long calender featuring scantly clad girls (or completely naked) with bands of colour with the dates of the month across certain erogenous zones XD Well, this year they released another since the previous one has expired.

電撃萌王電撃萌王 bonus calender!

The calendar is just absolutely drool inducing, I salivate at the thought of seeing the next month image when it’s near the end of the month!

POP Wonderland: Cinderella

Remember that old post about childrens’ books? Well, there’s been a new addition to the series, Cinderella. POP has done another great series of illustrations for Cinderella, and the book is also the same great quality. Just a reminder that this is an excellent book for easy Japanese reading as it also contains furigana, and gives you an excuse to buy some loli merchandise XD


Moeyo! Ground self-defence force school

This is a series of educational books from publisher Ikaros. The artist for Moeyo! Ground self-defence force school (萌えよ!陸自学校) is Takeshi Nogami, who happens to also draw some nice H manga XD
The book is choc-a-block full of info on the ground self-defence force, from it’s tactics to the equipment used. A must have for any otaku who happens to be a military nut as well, though knowledge of Japanese is a must if you wish to truly appreciate this book (which I lack ^^; hehe)

I'd defend her ground, if you get what I mean~

Random manga

Also by Takeshi Nogami, a manga about chicks and tanks, not much to say other than it’s fairly heavy on tanks and scantly clad girls driving them.

I'd let her drive my tank, if you get what I mean~

iM@S: MASTER LIVE 00 Shiny Smile

Arg, a new line of CDs by iM@S, my wallet is crying in anguish! This first one features Shiny Smile, and also includes a bonus DVD with footage of the performances. A must have for any iM@S fan.

Beautiful artwork :3


This next CD features most of the remix A type of the songs which are available in iM@S: Live For You! Some are ok, some aren’t. My particular favourite is Ohayo! Asa Gohan (おはよう!!朝ご飯) as it’s turned into some sort of mega hyper sort of thing XD Recommended to any iM@S fan :3

The hair! THE HAIR! SO MOE~!

3500 Microsoft Points: iM@S:L4U! LE Card A

My point pot is getting low….damn iM@S planes in AC6. So I decided to rectify this by purchasing a point card, and it so happens that they have iM@S limited edition ones for sale :3

The hair! THE HAIR! SO MOE~!

Prism Ark Tsundere Dakimakura

Now, I already have a hug pillow, Kenshin from Sengoku Rance, but this is the first one I’ve bought by itself. Prism Ark is a H game that has some gorgeous moe art. It also has an anime, which I haven’t watched @_@ As you can see, the pillow cover features two sides of Priecia, being quite delectable, especially with her facial expressions which just makes me want to do awful things to the pillow…^^; This is a HobbyStock exclusive as well.

Oh god *unzips*

So that’s the overview of the recent package I received, I’m quite busy lately so I won’t be able to update for the next week or so I think. I’ll try my best since I have a few things I’d like to share with you guys :3 Look forward to it!

18 thoughts on “Japan Package #4

  1. I’m glad there is a Kinokuniya Bookstore downtown where I can get my Japanese mag and manga fix.

  2. hi gordon me,
    saw this post at otaku.fm so decided to pop in take a look. ^^

    nice moe-licious stuffs you got there. hope your family members get well soon.

    gordon’s last blog post..Gundam Unicorn Blue

  3. LOL… that’s a lot of IM@S stuff….
    Can’t afford too much on IM@S
    Took one month unpaid salary to study :(

  4. wew… nice package~! XD
    many iM@S stuff… =D
    I envy you =o

    OMG, this month’s famitsu and gemaga is about iM@S??
    *runs to kinokuniya to buy one of each* XD
    yeah, I’m so glad I have the Kinokuniya bookstore within walking distance from my house =D

    hm… I also got both MASTER LIVE 00 and 01… MASTER LIVE 01 is disappointing for me, but at least the REM@STER-A version of Ohayo! Asagohan was done nicely XD
    and I still have both iM@S MS point card in my wallet =P
    so you got another 3500 MS point… watcha gonna spend it on? XD
    and I bet your next package contains one of the Famison 8BIT albums =)
    by the way, Yayoi sings the Pacman song in that album XD
    lol, I always look forward to a new content in here =D
    take photos if you really do those things to dakimakura, k? XD

  5. I envy you people with easy access to buying stuff from Japan…. I’d love to get that issue of famitsu or any of the Im@s stuff or even the Dengeki Moeoh! All of it looks cool!

    And my point cards haven’t come in yet…..(I bought both of the different versions so I could get all the cool outfits and items and song remixes and stuff…… so much to buy, so little funds)

  6. You know, I’m wondering when Bandai will be releasing special editon Gundam models with IM@S decals…

  7. @zqube, it’s always nice to have one near ya XD

    @gordon, thanks :3 Enjoy your stay here XD

    @Kirakun, come back to Australia already!

    @ron~, private photos~ XD

    @KevinP, I liked Master Live 01 ;_;

    @Belela-san, you MUST grab at least one Dengeki Moeoh!!

    @suneo, POP always makes cute images XD

    @Prim3, and so little time!

    @Sagara117, Tell me about it, if I had it my way I’d buy every item there is for iM@S, but that’d cost more than the xbox itself!

    @Rin, but but, I’m so poor ;_;

    @Hangmen, lol, yea, I would of bought more if i didn’t have a thing called a budget @_@

    @Wavehawk, or special edition Gundam mecha musume clothes for iM@S…

    @misakichii, I dunno what I’ll do with the Dakimakura…I don’t even have the pillow =/

  8. Seriously, Bioshock doesn’t interest you as much as that crappy idol game? You’ve got your priorities mixed up.

  9. @Uzumaki174, Ya…too bad I can’t use it…

    @Hectic, it was generally ok~

    @KN9, Bioshock was a little dissapointing, I was hoping for more than a game which obviously has it’s roots on consoles rather than a PC game. System Shock 2 also raised the expectations for me as that was an excellent game. iDOLM@STER may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I’m sure you have games which I would consider crappy~ :3

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