Move over SecondLife

ai sp@ce

Ok, I may be slow, and this may be plastered everywhere in the English speaking community, but give me a break, I’m up to my ears in work @___@;

Oh god!

A few friends such as Hectic have told me about this, and I’ve been meaning to find some English sources for this but haven’t had the time (for anything really). Wavehawk has directed me to one, and so here I am blogging about this.

From what I understand, ai sp@ce is like Second Life, but for otaku types. Now, I’ll say it first, I hate Second Life, there’s a few reasons, but let’s just say it’s visually revolting for me.

I’ll be looking forward to this, even though I highly doubt they’ll have any English support but oh well, I’m sure they’ll have a small English speaking community on it.

If you want screenshots you can find them in the links below, I rather not write a whole article and use the same pictures of one that’s already out there (plus I got no time! @_@)


Akihabara Channel’s article on Ai Sp@ce ENG
ai sp@ce’s official site JP

P.S. I have a backlog of post entries for you guys but I haven’t got time to do them >.< I’ll try to get them to you when I can, hopefully within this month at least @_______@;; Sorry for the lag in posts OTL

11 thoughts on “Aidol@try

  1. oh wow, ai-sp@ce looks awesome… XD
    let’s hope it will feature more game characters other than those three in the future… =D
    for some reason I hate Second Life too =/
    it’s just too complicated… =(

  2. “I’m sure they’ll have a small English speaking community on it.”

    Give me a month after it comes out. I’ll probably be on by then assuming they have Asa or Kaede or at least Kyou, lol.

  3. I can’t even begin to imagine how impossible this game will be to acquire for localization. Licenses for game characters across different companies, all sorts of locations with actual, real-life counterparts (probably), and not to mention having to get the permission from Dwango for showing Nico Nico Douga video in-game.

    Zeroblade’s last blog post..Library War 01

  4. A friend orf mine from France (the one who passed mer the link which I passed to Aya) has expressed disappointment in the lack of School Days characters, as he wants to see some NPC girls carrying their PC’s head around and giggling “Ufufufufufu…” all the way home…

  5. @KevinP, I would think they’ll have more characters later :3

    @Belela-san, I agree, but most are grindfests which is a lil dissapointing…

    @dKiWi, lol, I think I may feel the same.

    @Sagara117, XD I’d also love to have Kyou there hehe

    @Rin, We have to wait then!

    @ron~, ya~ moeness tend to appeal to me in MMORPGs~

    @Zeroblade, yea, I can imagine the nightmare, same situation with SRW series of games.

    @Wavehawk, Kotonoha would be great to have~

    @Adiroth, oh you~ <3

  6. This looks so much fun! I tried to play Second Life, but my video card was too crummy ^__^

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