Dollfie Glamour

Evelyn T. Mutsu - Yuki Nagato Dollfie Dream II

Yuki Nagato Dollfie Dream II

Evelyn T. Mutsu

Yay! I managed to get this done earlier than I thought, so here it is, some heavily stylised photos of the Evelyn, the Yuki Nagato Dollfie Dream II.

She still only has the clothes that came packaged with her, so I couldn’t really do much else. Extra clothes are on the way though, so maybe a lil variety will cheer her up.

A word of warning before we move on, if you’re not a fan of doll joints, you may want to reconsider reading on, otherwise read on!

Evelyn - Dollfie Dream II


I’ve still yet to get a carry case for Evelyn, so I can’t really take her outside without drawing attention (if I was a girl it’d be a different matter) so I had to make do at home. Evelyn is featured here on… my bed ^^; My room is pretty cluttered so it wasn’t the best choice. This was more for experimentation rather than a full blown photo shoot.

Evelyn - Dollfie Dream IIEvelyn - Dollfie Dream II


Oh god, getting the camera to take decent photos indoors is hell with this aged camera. The lighting is quite hard to work with, and setting a mini-tripod on the bed isn’t the most stable thing lol. No one was at home so I didn’t get interrupted for the shoot, I wonder what my mother would think…?

I’ve tried to keep the visible doll joints to a minimum with clothing and poses, but there are some. For those who have a doll joint fetish, sorry lol.

Evelyn - Dollfie Dream II


Ok, so this isn’t really a “figure” in our sense. For those unfamiliar with Dollfies, there’s a very brief rundown in my previous post. The build of Evelyn is quite remarkable, being a vinyl dollfie instead of the traditional resin makes her really light weight, and squishy (yes, even her “eyes” are squishy).

Another difference is her inner frame, as most ball joint dolls (BJDs) are strung with internal elastic fibres. What that means is that Evelyn is able to keep her pose easier than other BJDs. Her field of movement is quite limiting tho, she can’t really reach her own mouth, I’m not quite sure if it’s just me, or if the dollfie requires modding to make this happen.

Evelyn - Dollfie Dream IIEvelyn - Dollfie Dream II


As mentioned, was quite difficult to get decent shots, I’m not sure if my camera is showing it’s age. Had to throw out obviously blurred shots while I was taking this photo shoot. I also didn’t want Evelyn wearing the uniform since I think I can find a much more suitable place for that instead of my room, so I went for something more… casual XD

The photos themselves have been modified extensively, tried to go for a more stylised look, whether this is a good or bad thing I’m still not sure lol.
I hope no one is greatly offended by this photo shoot, but given the audience of PVC lovers, I don’t think it’s a major concern ^^; Tell me otherwise if it is tho.

Evelyn - Dollfie Dream IIEvelyn - Dollfie Dream II


Quite an experimental photo shoot, larger subject, heavy manipulation and indoors. I’m quite happy on how it turned out, though I’m still not sure if its good. I would love to get a DSLR and start furthering my skills in macro shots, but alas, money is the issue as it always is. Perhaps if I stop buying so many figures…or start selling some of the ones I own.

Evelyn - Dollfie Dream II

Details – Photo shoot

Nikon Coolpix P2
20th March 2008
My room!

Details – Dollfie

Character Name & Series
Yuki Nagato (長門 有希)- Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi
Doll Name
Evelyn Tirpitz Mutsu (陸奥)
Dollfie Series
Dollfie Dream II
Prototype work – Dress design
天野博士(� 形村) (Dr. Amano of Modelling Village?) – Volks’ Dress Planners
Yuki Nagato original
Yuki Nagato original
Animetic Yuki Nagato original metallic 24mm
Dollfie Dream II (DDII) with Normal skin and M size bust
Accessories (worn)
Navy socks, cardigan, underwear
Release date
Limited edition sales at Dollpa 18 (23rd December 2007)
Limited edition sales at Comiket 73 (29th – 31st December 2007)
Limited edition sales at Dollpa18 Afterparty (12th-14th January 2008)
Place of purchase
Comiket 73
Retail price
50,400 yen
Bought it for
$565 AUD incl. postage OTL
Only really through 2nd hand deals, such as Yahoo! Japan Auctions
Den of Angels forum – ENG
Volks’ Yuki Nagato page – JP

16 thoughts on “Dollfie Glamour

  1. ^^;

    Pantsu was included with the set…It’d be weird if they didn’t include it, you’d have Yuki walking around with nopan XD
    I don’t want the pics to show any explicit nudity ^^;

    I wish I had a cardigan like that…

    Aya Kyunik’s last blog post..Dollfie Glamour

  2. yowza how big is she? Looks like a good start to an expensive upgrade from figures lol.

    Honestly I’m kind of scared of dolls >< (maybe traumatized by Child’s Play and The Puppetmaster as a kid lol) I saw some of the pics on your article about dolls though and boy some of them do look pretty.

    suneo’s last blog post..[Figures] New Queen’s Blade stuff

  3. I don’t know, that seems like a bit much for a doll. I’d be happy with just getting a few figure versions of her and spending the rest on a new computer speaker system but that’s probably just me… (either that or save it for splurging at the upcoming convention in another month, lol)

  4. @suneo, I know what you meana bout some dolls being scary, I myself still don’t like ALL dolls.

    @Choo, Indeed…but that’s what sexy about it! lol, ok, prolly a lil weird…

    @Zeroblade, lol…I never thought about that~

    @Sagara117, yea, the first time I could of gotten one I decided to upgrade my PC. Though I still would like to be able to get some other things like a new camera and stuff~

  5. I know this is off subject, but are all dream dolfies from volks that big? cause I couldn’t find it on their website

  6. @Lunar, Thank you :3

    @Sabreisk, No, not all, these are the 60cm ones, they do have smaller ones at about 30cm as well~ Look for Mini Dollfie Dreams or the smaller Super Dollfies~

  7. Fortunate! I love the Yuki figure, but it’s darn impossible to find them 2nd hand for a reasonable price. I like this photoset.

  8. You know in some ways depending on how you look at her she kinda looks older : D which btw is awesome if Dollfies weren’t so damn expensive I get one or two also one of my preferable choices would be this particular one.

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