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Slow updates, I know, I’m working hard at uni so apologies for the stagnating boredom lingering around this cobweb clad blog ^^;

Anyway, a treat, figure and game package arrived today~

C.C. of Code Geass

So today I got two packages, I’ll get straight to the point:

First up is C.C. of Code Geass, figure by alpha x omega (Alter collaboration project)

C.C. of Code Geass - ASS!C.C. of Code Geass - front

She is one fine figure :3
I don’t really have a location in mind for a photo shoot with her, since I don’t think she really fits outdoors…
Perhaps I’ll get something in mind one day? ^^;
If anyone has suggestions then please, by all means tell me.

The figure itself is great, I’m quite pleased with it. Now if only they could bring out a figure of Kaguya-hime as well.

Second up is something I’ve been waiting for a while, THE iDOLM@STER: Live For You! for the Xbox 360. This is one of my more anticipated games, and so far I’m loving the gameplay, and of course, being able to see and hear Kotori talk to you :3

Bonus Shiny Smile coupon card and the Limited edition game boxThe game box itself and the bonus bookA spread from the book :3

I snapped up the Limited Edition iM@S:L4U game package, comes with a special animation DVD, of iDOLM@STER…ANIME OF iDOLM@STER, ANIME!, iDOLM@STER!, NOT XENOGLOSSIA, THANK THE HEAVENS!
There’s a subbed version of the anime out, go search for it if you’re interested.
This package also came with a “Shiny Smile” card, which has a code on the back that allows you to download the new song for the game for free…once the song is available later this month (26 March).
Another item was the Live Pamphlet Book, which in my opinion is AWESOME, WITH AN AWESOME CAPITAL A.
The book has the storyboards for the animation DVD, and also some character sheets along with some lil tidbits within the first few pages.

The game itself is fairly fresh. iDOLM@STER is a simulation, where you raise an idol to stardom, taking into account issues such as her training, promotional image, her personal time, auditions and such. This can be very tiring (especially when you aren’t fluent in Japanese) so Live For You! is actually a very nice addition. Live For You! starts you off as a fan who has been tasked with selecting the idols’ clothes, performance stage, song and such. You basically play as either in photo mode where you…well, take photos, or in the other rhythm game mode, this is where you play the game much like Taiko no Tatsujin, or the Bemani games. There’s even remixes of the old favourite songs! Overall it’s great for a quick pick up and play game :3

So, I’m busy with Uni…is what I’d like to say, but with iM@S:L4U, along with the iM@S planes in Ace Combat 6, I should worry.

22 thoughts on “THE iDOLGE@SS

  1. My IDOLMASTER L4U box is on the way home!
    Can’t wait, can’t wait, can’t wait xD

    I play the first IDOLMASTER game, but it’s pretty hard, since I don’t understand japanese (lyric training games are crazy…)

    Will grab the fansubbed version of the anime, just to understand the dialogs ^^;

    Raaaah can’t wait xD

    Oh~ and btw, nice grab for the C.C. figure :)

    lu-k’s last blog post..Capricious Whim

  2. bought the game just for the goodies LOL
    since i don’t have a xbox 360
    playing the dvd on my ps3 hoping bandai will hear my call

    *P.S.* Had great allowance in the 2 months, could buy a xbox 360 but planning to get wii but instead got this… Miki for the win! Yayoi and Yukiho too and Haruka…. and Chihaya… Iori…

  3. @Prim3, ^^; I didn’t order Kallen…not a fan ^^;

    @suneo, Ah…sorry, I didn’t get it from your page, I snapped it up fromt he PA site as soon as I heard about Live For You months back…I even requested the Live For You! banners which they quickly emailed me back with ^^;; And yes, I have a Japanese xbox :3

    @lu-k, Ya, iM@S is fairly difficult without good Japanese, but there are guides out there for the dialogue sequences. I LOVE the OVA, I want a TV series nao!

    @Kirakun, BUY XBAWKS NAO!

  4. I found a guide indeed for dialog sequences… but in japanese xD
    Is there english language guide? never found one :/

    A real TV show base on the true Idolmaster would be just… heaven :)

    lu-k’s last blog post..Capricious Whim

  5. Nice stuff you’ve received there! I can only heartily applaud your receipt of C.C. and say that it was a great decision xD :p

    The Idolm@ster game looks great from what I’ve seen in magazines and would love to try it out. But it won’t be happening in the near future I suspect, no HDTV, no Xbox360, no ps3, no money ^^;

  6. I never could find a guide for the dialog in the first game…

    I agree though, the anime OVA is 100% awesome win (Xenoglossia was painful), and the game itself is really REALLY fun. Even though I don’t have a very large Japanese vocabulary, it’s still easy to figure out.

    I’ve already gotten almost all of the achievements in my Japanese XBL profile (AthrunSorhyu), but I’m a little confused on two of them. I’ve gotten the achievement for five songs over 100% for each character you can play as, but it still says I need to do it for character #10 (Miki is #11) and #12. I figure #10 is just the other of the twins, but who is #12?!? New character possibly!?!?

    Also, is there any way to buy points without buying point cards that I have to ship from overseas? That “Relations” b-remix is taunting me alot…. and I can’t wait to use my card on the 26th.

  7. hahaha ron…
    as of right now, closest thing is playing demos and such on ps3
    hopefully bandai hacks the ps3 and realized oh damn, ppl with ps3 wanna play this

  8. @Honya, Well, the game isn’t so dialog heavy compared to the original, so you can still play it. The scenes with dialog isn’t too hard to figure out anyway :3

    @lu-k, I used the japanese one, it isn’t hard to figure out if you know basic japanese. If you don’t then….^^;

    @ron~, It’s quite nice, I really really like her ass XD

    @shino, =/ Well, perhaps get a friend to get the stuff and go to his place XD

    @Sagara117, hmmm, I suspect #12 would be Miki with brown hair? Maybe?

    @Kirakun, lol, I doubt iM@S will go to PS3, but you never know.

    I’m quite surprised at how many coments I’m getting for the inactrivity this site suffers from, not to mention I havn’t been able to visit your blogs in return for a while >.< I'll try to visit once this initial wave of assessments are done (DAMN YOU ACADEMIC ESSAYS)

  9. @aya that is why i said the closest thing is to get those divx videos of idolm@ster and such and play it on the ps3 haha!

    sales in xbox 360 didn’t seem hot this week. maybe next week would be better taking idolm@ster into account.

    I think they may have idolm@ster in ps3 provided the online service gets better for they to make long term profit *downloads downloads*

    you know bandainamco… hehe

    how is my miki doing in your machine!

  10. Argh….C.C. I so want that figure. Sadly, I don’t have enough money to get it…
    Too bad my Xbox 360 can’t play it…damn regional codes…

    Rin’s last blog post..Toronto Day

  11. Hope they’ll make a Figma figure outta Pizza Butt. I’m more into action figure than PVC figure. Find a sunny room with bright colors if you wanna take pics of her. If you’re crazy enough, rent a hotel room with good outdoor view. XD

    BTW, I just changed my blog URL to a paid hosting. Please update your blogroll. Thanks.

    Hangmen’s last blog post..SPACE INVADERS 2003 – KEN ISHII VS FLR

  12. @Rin, trade your xbox for a NTSC-J one XD

    @Belela-san, I think I may have to find a bed of white flowers for C.C. XD

    @super rats, as do I hehe

    @Hangmen, I’m not a huge fan of the Figma series, but the Lelouche does look nice~ And I updated my blogroll for ya :3

  13. hi! ^-^ i love ur figure from code geass! i was wondering if it was for sale i collect a lot of figures. so just e-mail me back thankz! ^-^

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