Vocaloid Love

Moéblobs Isn’t it sad Haku ;_; There are some things which I just can’t stay quiet about, I try to not post random anime things here that isn’t really relevant to what my blog is about, so I refrain from post youtubes and the like. BUT THIS IS AN EXCEPTION! This is something so incredibly moé that I died. And it is for that reason why this post is being, well…posted

I Heart You!

Singles awareness day… Happy late Valentines! I know I’m late, but that’s what I do best :3 For those lucky couples, Valentines is a great day to spend together, whether it be to have a nice picnic, go out for a shopping spree, watch a movie, go to the beach or just cuddle up in bed. For those unlucky enough (either by choice or not) to not have a partner, Valentines can be just another day, a day of roneryness, a day of envy or just a reflection of just how messed up your love life has been XD Today I have a few important announcements, so read on if you want to be entertained~

Kneading Buns

Yakitate!! Japan Tsukino Azusagawa Okie dokie, this is the last set of photos I have yet to post. Today we’ll be featuring delicious Tsukino on the beaches of Phillip Island~ For those that don’t know, Yakitate!! Japan is an manga/anime about bread making… Making bread may not seems so fun at first, but as with most manga/anime, it’ll make you want to become a baker in a moment’s notice. Now to stop the urges of puns regarding Tsukino’s buns… So without further delay, I present Tsukino~