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Yuki Nagato - The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi

Dollfie Dream II

Yuki Nagato

キタ━━━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━━━ !!!!!
I finally got my first Dollfie, after a long wait spanning years.
For those not familiar with Dollfies, have a look at the quick intro to dollfie post.
You can also see more dollfies at a previous post.

If you wanna see more, read on!

The box!

Well, I’ll start with the story, don’t worry, I’ll try to keep it short.
I have a friend in Japan, who is my usual source of goods. He also attended the recent comiket where the SOS-dan dollfies were being sold.
If I was going to get one, it would of been now. The price would of been outrageous if I got one through a deputy service on Yahoo! Japan Auctions =/

The box!The inner box!
My friend couldn’t find a box that would fit the dollfie dream properly, so he went ahead and armoured it up with multiple layers of paper and bubblewrap.

The dented box!

As you can see, the armour wasn’t enough OTL
The box has a huge dent in it, and I was pretty worried before I ripped off all the bubblewrap, but upon closer inspection, she was alright :3
I tried to restore the box to it’s proper dimensions with some success, tho it’s still a lil crumpled in some parts.

The actual box!

Now, I’m planning for a better photo shoot later, so enjoy these really quick shots. I went with a oldschool sepia look, if you want a proper look then you’ll just have to wait until I’m brave enough to bring a dollfie around outside……^^;

Hold me~!

I’m still wondering about a name for her. She is a Yuki Nagato dollfie but I want to make her my own. At the moment I’m thinking of a another naval vessel name to compliment the Nagato name, which seems to be a homage to Evangelion’s naming conventions of their characters after Japanese ships (Ayanami, Katsuragi, Soryu, Langley etc.). Mutsu and Amagi come to mind, but I’m still unsure right now.


The other problem is her cardigan sweater, I’m a lil worried about it’s staining potential. It could leave ugly stains on her so I’ll need to figure out how to properly wash it.

:3Hi again~*patpat*
I know I know, some of you love pantsu…I haven’t forgotten~

Oh ho~

This isn’t really a photo shoot, but who cares, I’ll list some details here:

Details – Photo shoot

Nikon Coolpix P2
5th January 2008
My room!

Details – Dollfie

Character Name & Series
Yuki Nagato (長門 有希)- Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi
Doll Name
Evelyn Tirpitz Mutsu (陸奥)
29th December
Dollfie Series
Dollfie Dream II
Prototype work – Dress design
天野博士(� 形村) (Dr. Amano of Modelling Village?) – Volks’ Dress Planners
Yuki Nagato original
Yuki Nagato original
Animetic Yuki Nagato original metallic 24mm
Dollfie Dream II (DDII) with Normal skin and M size bust
Uniform top, skirt, ribbon, navy socks, shoes, cardigan, underwear
Release date
Limited edition sales at Dollpa 18 (23rd December 2007)
Limited edition sales at Comiket 73 (29th – 31st December 2007)
Limited edition sales at Dollpa18 Afterparty (12th-14th January 2008)
Place of purchase
Comiket 73
Retail price
50,400 yen
Bought it for
$565 AUD incl. postage OTL
Only really through 2nd hand deals, such as Yahoo! Japan Auctions

P.S. Today was HOT, so Yuki wasn’t wearing her cardigan… I HATE hot weather…
Anyone else have problems with heat and their figures?

P.P.S. Updated the dollfie info, Chosen Mutsu as her last name as a homage to Yuki Nagato. The Nagato class battleships of the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN) in World War II consisted of two ships, the obvious Nagato, and the sister ship Mutsu. Yuki Nagato was most likely given the name after the battleship Nagato , as her character closely resembles Rei Ayanami of Evangelion fame, which was also named after an IJN ship, as with most of the Evangelion characters… I’m repeating myself aren’t I? ^^;

I was close to naming her Evelyn Bismarck, both German names. Bismarck is a battleship class ship of the German Navy in World War II, seems to fit her first name more, but opted for Mutsu to ground her background with Nagato.

24 thoughts on “Welcome Home~!

  1. Damn it, you got one before I did. I was hoping to get one before the end of the year but Christmas got the better of me. But fear not, I still plan to buy one regardless. I know what I want, it’s just a matter of having it shipped to Australia, but also getting the money for it.

    Adun’s last blog post: ARIA The ORIGINATION Promo

  2. @Adun, Ah hah~ XD
    Mind if I ask which dollfie you’ll be getting~?

    @ron~, lol, I don’t have the money to buy another, but maybe in the future. I am thinking about customising one to be a Suigintou tho with my modelling skills, but not right now~

  3. @e-jump, thanks XD, I too once thought that dollfies were out of my league. But if you really want one, then just save up :3

    @Danny Choo, lol…I might, but DEFINITELY not in an outdoor shot XD

  4. Well, it is still rather hard for me to accept and buy such dollfie…
    That’s me…
    My parents don’t even approve of me buying Gundam model kits…
    If I were to buy this, they would kill me haha

  5. Is she 1/6 scale (around 27cm to 30cm) or one of those hueg 50/60cm dolls? If she’s 1/6, there’s a lot of spare accessories that could go with it, like an M4 SOPMOD. (^__^)

    PS: oh wait, I checked the site and she’s that hueg 60cm type! You must have quite a room to store her.

    Kirakun: Kill them first via cyanide poisoning.

    Hangmen’s last blog post: NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION OF DESPAIR

  6. XD

    ya, she’s about 1/3
    I got some 1/6 stuff as well but like you said, doesn’t fit ^^;
    Would of been spiffy with her holding a Browning Automatic Rifle or a Katana XD

    I don’t really have much room………lol, so I dunno how I’m going to keep her, right now she naps on the shelfs next to some of the other figures~

  7. Haha… move out… I will lose a lot of privilege.

    Well in Malaysia, best solution is to kill then to blow them pieces haha

  8. Whoa, pretty~ she’s got very nice legs, yeah, I’m a legs person.
    How much did it cost you to get her shipped here?

    Tai Poh’s last blog post: Yotsuba

  9. @Kirakun, lol, just make sure you blow them to pieces away from your stuff~

    @Tai Poh, oh how I love her legs as well~ <3
    She cost about 60 AUD to get shipped from Japan to here via EMS. If you plan to get one, make sure it’s packed properly ^^;

  10. I was there when the shoot happened, and nope, Yuki’s much too large–a 1/6 BAR (Browning Automatic Rifle) looks like a child’s toy in her hands. I figure you’d have to actually customize stuff for her if you want, but it depends on your level of dedication.

    I was tempted to get a Nemu Dollfie once upon a time, but the cost, plus the scale, prevented me. I’m too much of an accurate scale nutter to get just anything. Anyone who’s seen my Gunpla work will attest to that…

    @Kirakun: Save up, move out of home! ^_^

  11. @valho, ya, I’m still not sure where to take her to for the shoot @_@

    @Belela-san, A lot of people own dollfies o_o; I might do a ast off shoot, but there’s lots of sites out there already with stock photos of a Dollfie Dream II body ^^

    @Wavehawk, ya I know lol XD

  12. Hello ^_^
    I actually collect BJDs (Ball Jointed Dolls) so I know a little bit about taking care of them, but all of mine are resin.
    As for the cardigan sweater, you can soak/rinse it in a 1/2 water & 1/2 white vinegar solution. That should lock most of the dye in. You should be able to do this as much as you want to be sure it’s enough. You would probably want to rinse it very well or even wash it to get rid of the vinegar smell afterwards. (If I were you, I would put it inside of a pillow case to wash it like human-sized clothing.)
    I’m not sure if you’ve found it yet, but there’s a BJD forum (www.denofangels.com/forums) that has A LOT of information available. I believe Dollfie Dream dolls are even welcome there. ^_^

    OT: I randomly found your blog one day, and I’ve been looking around a bit. (How do I creat a user name on your site?) I hope you don’t mind my reply to your blog. I hope it’s helpful. ^_^

  13. Hiyo :3 Ya, I’ve been lurking DoA for a few years and it is indeed a great resource, I think I mentioned it in an earlier post here :3 Hope you like the stay~

  14. say sense it looks cool i want one now. where can you buy it? tell me asap when you figure it out okay. THANK YOU.

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