Shuraki Box-03 Package

Char Rhousemann - Shuraki

Today’s package

Char Rhousemann

Just a small post today… again.

Char Rhousemann graces my room with her elegant yet firm presence~

Shuraki box #3

Went to pick up a package today, it was my first ever post from Hobby Search.
For those who havn’t shopped from them before, they’re pretty decent. Perhaps a lil expensive in terms of shipping, since they only have EMS option for international orders. However, they are fast in their product listings, so if you have an item you MUST have pre-ordered ASAP, then this might be a good choice since HLJ is a lil slow in that area.

Shuraki box #3 contents

As you can see (please excuse my room…) and prolly already know if you’re into figures, is that the Shuraki line of series come with a small booklet and a drama CD, both focusing on the character of the box.

With clothesWithout clothes :3

Char also comes with some battle damaged (ripped :3) clothing, but you’ll have to wait till a photo shoot before seeing that. Also, it’s a bloody PAIN to undress and dress her up, rubbing painted plastics together is not a thing I’d like to do with my figures. Anyway, I have a few ideas in mind on where to take photos of her around here, so look forward to it!

17 thoughts on “Shuraki Box-03 Package

  1. @Fox, yea, I was really happy about the goodies considering her decent price :3

    @super rats, HLJ is mine purely because of their SAL shipping option. And indeed, I love her hair, now where’s my Mei Shuraki-02 ;_;

    I also love her pose and sword/shield, I’m a sucker for chicks with weapons XD

  2. Congrats on getting her! Just got her this morning myself though I had to drop her off and rush off to work immediately T_T I like HLJ for the option to be able to use PayPal and shipping cost wise, HLJ is cheaper than HS for EMS, but HS is definitely faster alright. A bit of trade-offs here and there I suppose :/

  3. I switch between HLJ and HobbySEARH time to time. Depends on if I am in a hurry to receive the figure or if I prefer to save some money and wait a little bit more hehe ^^
    Car is fabulous, definitely fabolous.

    lu-k’s last blog post: Fire in her Eyes

  4. Goodsmile Shuraki line is really amazing and with so much detail, the only one that disappointed me was Akatsuki perhaps because I saw a picture of her where the top of her hair really sucked but their clothes compensate for it.

    Another thing that I like about Shuraki line is the underwear, definitely one of the most detailed underwear I saw in figures apart from Saber maid

    Belela-san’s last blog post: Kotona Elegance, almost launching

  5. I thought of getting her but but…
    I am just too broke due to upgrade T_T;;

    *P.S. Louise Bustier and Fate/Zero shipping to me – Even more broke*

  6. Haven’t ordered from Hobby Search before but probably will in the future. I’m usually in no rush for my figures to arrive since they usually sit on the pile until I get around to opening it, lol. Seems a lot of people are getting this figure, and it’s a good figure none the less.

    Adun’s last blog post: Figure Review: Shinku inviting you for tea

  7. @shino, Ya, it is a trade off, but right now I’m on budget ^^;

    @lu-k, I prefer to save atm lol XD Car? o_O

    @Belela-san, The Shuraki line is indeed awesome XD I love em, but I’m not a fan of Akatsuki or Needa =/ The underwear is nice, but I’ve seen other nice ones too XD

    @Zeroblade, Yea, I saw that notice when I was paying with my card, kinda unfortunate for you guys =/

    @Kirakun, get heeeeerrr!

    @Adun, I’m also not usually in a rush, but it was hard trying to get the Shuraki figures so I had to find other sources…=/

  8. oh shoot…i’m jealous! That is one of the best looking Shuraki figures imo. Unfortunately when I got into the figure collecting spirit preorders for this had already long passed lol. Oh well at least I get to look forward to Needa in April/May :o Don’t have any of the other Shuraki figures…

    suneo’s last blog post: [ero] new tinklebell game update! *finally!*

  9. @ron~, might be a while knowing me ;_;

    @Wavehawk, now if only I had a Char Aznable figure…

    @suneo, I really really really wanted Char as well, luckily ron~ told me Hobby Search at it for sale.

    @Kirakun, the chinese looking one, Mei, I like her prolly the best~

    @lu-k, I know the feeling all too well.

  10. @Aya Kyunik: Yeah, it’s be perfect considering the Red Comet’s appeal to Lolis. ^_^

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