Gloomy Suprise

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Today’s package

De@th Sensei

Just a small post today.

Went to dentist this morning, now I can’t feel my mouth =/. The good thing tho, is that I picked up my latest figure, De@th Sensei.

Pandora's box?

I’m still thinking of where the potential spots for a photo shoot, but I still need to post Pachira and Tsukino~
Look forward to those!


And a small pic of Yuki posing on my bed, innocently of course…

13 thoughts on “Gloomy Suprise

  1. Gratz on getting her, definitely would make a trip to the dentist feel better. I remember the last time I went, it hurt to heck and my wallet went into hiding for more than a month -_-” If I had received a package like you did that day, things might have been better. But I think I went for exams that day T_T

  2. Nicely done Aya.
    I really hope I am still in Melbourne… can touch touch it haha

    Hey out of curiosity, does anyone know what “tgif” mean?? -_-;

  3. ï¼ ron~, XD I ddin’t even noticed it was all hidden untill you mentioned it.

    @shino, ieek, i’d prolly feel crummy too if I had to g to exams afterwards.

    @Kirakun, look but no touchy! lol, and no, no idea what tgif is, prolly what Zeroblade said.

    @Zeroblade, Awesome indeed XD

  4. Nice figure~ It looks good.

    That Yuki doll looks huge! Is it really big or is it because of the angel where you took that picture? o.O

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