Vocaloid Twins

Vocaloid2 CV2 Rin Kagamine


Kagamine Rin & Len

As some of you may know, Crypton‘s Vocaloid2 CV2 Kagamine Rin & Len was released yesterday! For those of you who don’t know what a Vocaloid is, you can find out a lil about it from a previous post.

This is a unique Vocaloid in taht it has both male and female vocals, from the same source seiyuu.

If you want some pictures of Rin then read on!

Rin and Len together




Vocaloid Hero!


Aren't they just adorable :3


Vocaloid skills




Seems to be orange this time...


Ri-rin ri-rin~


Aah, pretty Rin


Would they really need a mic?


Oh ho~~



鏡音リン&レン – Kagamine Rin & Len
キャラクター ボーカル シリーズ – Character Vocal series
Open Price, but recommended at 15,750 yen
Crypton’s Official Vocaloid2 site JP
Akiba blog’s first entry JP
Akiba blog’s second entry JP

I haven’t purchased this one as of yet due to my budget, but maybe one day~…

14 thoughts on “Vocaloid Twins

  1. @ron~ lol, give me money then!

    @Zeroblade, I wonder about that too, her voice seems fairly similar to Miku, and sounds pretty far from the seiyuu’s singing voice too. Len on the other hand is different, but…i don’t really like him anyway ^^;
    Time will tell I guess~

  2. Firstly, Happy New Year Everyone here especially my fellow peeps in Melbourne!
    As far as I know, rest assure that I am not dead ^_^ though work is likely to kill me haha. It is the year end and yea, work has piled all over my little desk.

    This is certainly cute…
    I highly doubt i will get this though…
    Lack of time and overbudget…
    I am now budgeting myself to spend 900AUD on upgrading my 4 year old computer… Practically I am getting a new computer haha. New motherboard, processor and 2x ATI graphic card… I lost my list… can’t go too much details. Need to pimp out to play Crysis :p
    Everything else… the same, 2GB DDR2 Ram… 500GB space… and the normal stuff haha

  3. @wavehawk, lol, shota, is not really one of my list of likes

    @pp, let’s hope more will too XD

    @Kirakun, I don’t like ATi cards much, had bad experiences with them, so I tend to stick to nVidia now. Come back to Melbourne already!

  4. Hellow .!

    I’m in kyung !

    I live in korea.

    I like rin,len too !

    I can’t speak English well

    Here is the limit .. (T T)

    sorry …!


  5. Well, CV.03 will probably be the real manly’ voice Len is just a snack here. I don’t think the conibmed power of the twins is any better than Miku, however. Her character design and sheer right of being the first will continue to keep her popularity over Rin (and Len)

  6. hola como estas? yo quiero decirte que…. como hicistes para que te aparesca o ¿dibujastes todo vos? o otra persona (por favor responde)

  7. The wig looks amazing, I just hope the quiatly will match. I’m glad you kept a few I actually surpassed 300 this holiday season X_X Everything is kind of chaos at the moment as I am rearranging the doll room yet again to try and accommodate more dolls ^^;

  8. i realy dont know what glomps are xD maybe i sulohd have paid better attention when learning my english,and yes al, the x-games will also take place during the convention.. and even take up some usual convention space ! looks like i chose a bad year to go to anime expo in L.A but oh well, according to the stories and youtube/fora it sulohd be alot of fun ! and maybe i’ll even try some crosplay ^^ depends on the mood

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