Euphoric Temptations

Miki Hoshii by...I don't know ;_;

Au au au~

Upcoming stuff

Okie dokie. This is a post about stuff that I’m getting, might get, and decided not to get. Reason for this was because I needed to evaluate my monetary standing and the possibility of the Japan trip at the end of 2008.

This is a basically my shopping list of such in terms of figures and possibly dolls, so if you don’t want to pry into this, just ignore the post ^^;

But if you like to see some new upcoming stuff that you may be interested in, go on ahead and continue.

Possible Purchases

Dolpa - Doll's Party
Yes, first thing on the “maybe” list is a Dollfie. It’s been a long time since I first saw Dollfies, and it’s always been on my mind about bringing one home. Recently it’s been really tempting to get one, since I have a friend in Japan who could help. For those not versed in asian ball-joint dolls, check the previous post: Dollfie Euphoria

Dolpa 18, or known as Doll’s Party 18 will be happening this Christmas like clockwork. For those who don’t know what Dolpa is, it’s an event much like Comiket, held twice a year in May and December. Volks, a major Japanese doll maker, basically hold the show. They sell their limited edition dolls at these events which require a lottery system for the order of the purchasing line ^^; Other shops also sell custom made clothes, accessories and parts.

Dollfie Dreams

Yuki Nagato Dollfie Dream by VolksMikuru Asahina Dollfie Dream by Volks

New additions to the SOS Dollfie Dream line! Haruhi was release a while back and two new additions will be coming to Dolpa 18 and Comiket 73. Yuki and Mikuru look great, and for some reason the Yuki is really warming up to me. Now, I’m not a huge Yuki fan, but this Dollfie Dream is really uh, calling for me…o_O

I’m seriously considering Yuki as my first Dollfie, but it does depend on a number of things. Most important of which is availability, my friend may be able to get her at Comiket, but she could be all sold out by the time he gets to her >.< Not to mention she’s over 50,000 yen, which is about $500 AU…

Yuki and Mikuru are based on the Dollfie Dream II (DDII) base body with normal skin tone, only difference with the two bodies is that Yuki uses M sized erm, bust and Mikuru uses L size.

Suigintou Super Dollfie by Volks
Hinaichigo Super Dollfie by Volks

The next two is the Suigintou and Hinaichigo & Kunkun nano~! Oh GOD I want Suigintou, unfortunately she costs over 100,000 yen, which is well over my budget in a sane state of mind. These two will also be available at Dolpa 18, but I don’t see anything about Comiket 73 =/


Dollfie Dream
Yuki Nagato — 50,400 yen (with tax), and the idea of grabbing her is still in the air.
Mikuru Asahina — 50,400 yen (with tax)
Super Dollfie
Suigintou — 102,900 yen (with tax)
Hinaichigo & Kunkun — 60,900 yen (with tax)

Definite Purchases

THE iDOLM@STER Fraulein Revoltechs by Kaiyodo

Image from

During the recent Revoltech Expo where all the new and exciting developments of the Revoltech series are shown, they showcased their Fraulein series, the latest addition to the Revoltech family. What makes teh Fraulein different from the others is that it features an extremely feminine figure that has both the asthetics of bishoujo and poseability of the Revoltech line. Rei Ayanami was their first, with Rin Tousaka their second. Haruka Amami and Ami Futami…or was it Mami? No, I think it was Ami…I think

Anyway, I’ll be grabbing at least one of the iDOLM@STER girls (can you guess which one?) when they are announced. Right now I’ve pre-ordered the Rin tho, she has this mind blowing flexible skirt, or at least is to me.


Official Fraulein site
Akibablog’s review of the Expo
Lyrical Spark’s iM@S Revoltech entry

Miku Hatsune Nendoroid by Goodsmile Company

Image from

Miku <3
I’ll be grabbing this Nendoroid as well. I’m not a huge fan of nendoroids, the only one I have is the limited edition Black Saber. I’ve made a few exceptions to this, one being Miku, for the sole reason of being a Vocaloid, and the Nekomimi version of Konata, which is currently being ordered by the friend of mine in Japan. It was a little difficult for him to order since it was only available through a magazine order.

Both of these will come with extra parts such as different faces and accessories, prolly my fav is Konata’s (=ω=) face and Miku’s (´゚Д゚`) face with the leek.


Official Site

Now here’s the killer, my wallet’s worst nightmare, in no particular order:

The list of financial doom

Alice — POP Wonderland: Alice in Wonderland by Alter
Yuki Nagato Swimsuit Ver. — The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi by Alter
Reinforce Zwei — Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS by Alter
Death Teacher — Peace@Pieces by Alter
Tsuruya Cafe Ver. — The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi by Alter (On it’s way)
THE iDOLM@STER Trading Figure pt2 — THE iDOLM@STER by Alter
C.C. — Code Geass by alpha x omega (Alter collaboration)
Rin Tousaka Revoltech Fraulein — Fate/Stay Night by Kaiyodo
Tsuruya Cafe Ver. — The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi by Max Factory
Black Saber — Fate/Stay Night by Solid Theatre
Rin Kokonoe Snowglobe — Kodomo no Jikan by Pinkco
Moetan — Moetan by Goodsmile Company
Konata Nekomimi Nendoroid — Lucky Star by Goodsmile Company
Miku Hatsune Nendoroid — Crypton’s Vocaloid2 family by Goodsmile Company
Liu MeiFeng — Shuraki series figures by Goodsmile Company (On it’s way….hopefully)

I do NOT want to think about how much that all costs at the moment, but it’ll prolly be enough to support a girlfriend if I had one (hah hah, bad joke…)

But look! I’m no addict boy, no addict! I actually cancelled some items since I realised that I needed to spend less, here’s that list, perhaps it’ll suit your fancy?

Cancelled Items

Kagamine Rin/Len — Crypton’s Vocaloid2 CV series 02
I had a hard time cancelling this, I LOVE the idolisation of a piece of software but for the cost of it, I had to pass as my musical skills aren’t up for the challenge =/
T-Elos — Xenosaga III by Alter
Ikuno Komaki — ToHeart2 by Kotobukiya
The last two figures I had to let go, not because of any inferiority, but because my friend is also purchasing them, and with my constraints, I had to make the decision.
Kureha — Shining Wind by Kotobukiya
Another Kureha figure that lives up to the other recent release. As beautiful as she is, I had to resist her on the basis that I already have another Kureha Figure. You might be thinking, “But Aya, you’re already buying TWO Tsuruyas” and my explination is that it’s Tsuruya…’nuff said

I’ll be constantly reassessing the value of each figure to see if I can cut any from the list since I am trying to save, as hard as that seems…
Anyway, hoped you like seeing some things that interest me, and that some of it may interest you as well :3
Oh, for the Miki picture up the top, I have no idea who drew it, but whoever it is, it’s a lovely pic :3

Hmm, this post is prolly too text heavy?
Anyone else have that mountain of pre-orders that they’re looking forward to?

18 thoughts on “Euphoric Temptations

  1. I only have about four things in my pre-order queue, but I haven’t made orders for anything past January yet. Yuki swimsuit, Death Sensei, and the pair of Django Slaughter figures from Alter. There might be something I’m forgetting, which wouldn’t be the first time. A couple of things I fell asleep on and have to wait for restocks like Tsuruya.

    super rats’s last blog post: Amami Haruka from GoodSmile Co.

  2. What I have preordered will more than likely stay, but I’ll have to watch what I order after the new year since I’m going to Japan in August for a month. I have much financial planning to do over the next few months. But still, you have an entire year till the end of 2008, I’m sure you’ll have enough money by then.

    Adun’s last blog post: Clannad – 07

  3. @super rat, Django Slaughter pair from Alter do look awesome, I’d prolly get them if I wasn’t so strapped. I also hate it when I miss a preorder, like the Char from Shuraki. I also forgot to mention the MeiFeng Shuraki figure that I’m getting (I think, the store that I ordered it from is taking it’s time…)

    @Adun, well I was planning to go during December for the Xmas events like Comiket and Dolpa but since I’m going to study further, I may not have the funds…not to mention that massive pre-order list you see int he post. I don’t have the time either to take on a good part time job so I’m stuck working once a week at a hobby store. Be sure to take many photos while in Japan tho!

  4. @zeroblade, Oh I wanted that Excelica, but she was too expensive for me =/ I dread going to see stuff at Hobbystock, cause new figures could mean new purchases…

    @ron~, cause I’m trying to stop buying so much! XD

    @Belela-san, well, it was shown at the Revoltech Expo, no prototypes yet tho, so I have no idea if they look good or not.

  5. (Recovers from blood loss fainting spell)

    Seeing it’s Kaiyodo, here’s to hoping they do not screw up those Revoltech IM@s figures. Seeing tehir work on Rin Tohsaka has my hopes WAY up. If they’re good, I might get the Haruka figure. I’m betting The Ami/Mami fig will basically be one figure with two interchangeable heads (possibly).

    Speaking of figures:

    I know the MMS figures aren’t high on your list, but seeing that this is one of the new Humikane designs…one can hope the sculpting’s improved…

  6. @samejima, is it because of the cat ears? lol

    @Wavehawk, hmm, the Mulmeltia looks interesting, but right now I must cut back on my spendings, so I’ll have to pass on the MMS figs =/


  8. Whoa, calm down kerru~
    I have no idea who you’re talking about, unless you’re referring to the one with the huge head and 2 ponytails with blue/green hair, with VOCALOID text on the top.

    Her name isn’t Isadore, I have no idea how “Cartoon Doll Emporium” thought of that as they’re pretty off the mark.

    As the post said, right under the picture, it says her name, Miku.

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