Better late…

Updates!? :D

…than never

Upcoming Stuff!

OTL Sorry guys about the lack of updates, been busy yadda yadda~ Point is, I got a whole bunch of stuff to show you guys soon, and just in time for the xmas holiday :D Wanna know what’s going to happen? Read on!

Basically what I have lined up are the photos that I’ve still to post, some other nifty items of otaku interest from soundtracks to video games, and I’ll be starting the simple weathering tutorial for newbies as well! The current poll seems to indicate that the Soviet T-34 is in the lead at the time of this writing, which is great as I got lots of them…living up to their name of the most numerous tank in WWII. The poll will be open to the moment I start, which may be into late November, or early December.

Here’s some previews of the photo shoots I’ve still to post, in no particular order:

Fate - Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's - Alter

Himekuri Image Girl - Kaiyodo

Pachira - Renkin san-kyu Magical? Poka~n - Max Factory

Princess - Full Ani - Kotobukiya

For those interested, I’ve been busy with final assignments with my study for the year, also I’ve been sucked into the grinding world of Lineage 2 again, along with games occupying me on PC, Xbox360 and PS2. I’ve gotten into the interview stage of my studies for next year so hopefully they’ll turn out well, otherwise it’s job hunting for me! :D

11 thoughts on “Better late…

  1. hoo last busy month before holiday right hehe

    Can’t wait for the pictures, I also planned to take picture of my Alter Fate and kotobukiya princess (actually took the shots already but haven’t published it :D)

    ron~’s last blog post: 1/7 Kureha ~ Max Factory

  2. Busy busy~ @_@

    Since Princess is the most anticipated I guess I’ll go ahead and put that on the first slot.

    Looking forward to your pics ron~ XD

  3. @Kirakun, thanks :3

    @Wavehawk, XD Good old Maritan, and yes, I know a few people who want to see more of Fate… specifically the guy who actually owns the Fate model I borrowed for the photos ^^;

    @Adun, my weekend is only 1 day, since I work on Sundays >.< I'll try to more often during this xmas break~ @Zeroblade, Indeed, you could also look at the alt text of the pictures to see if want~ And yes, I know I have quite a few Himekuri pics already ^^; Thanks for the support guys~ :3

  4. I want yer fate and Princess!

    btw, Pls change the link address to instead of not gonna blog anymore. thanks!

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