White ante Death

Nagi Akizuki - Peace@Pieces


Nagi – School ver

Oh god,
before I go any further, this is prolly the worst batch of photos from the Manifest photo shoot day >.<

So here is Nagi, in her normal school outfit, you may remember her from a previous post

I’m almost ashamed to post this set but oh well, it’s a short post-ish. Here we go!!

Nagi Akizuki - Peace@Pieces 1


Nagi was having her photo shoot at the quad area in Melbourne University, I don’t know the actual name of this area but it’s beautiful. Makes you feel like you’re in a castle :D

Nagi Akizuki - Peace@Pieces 2


Again, no mini-tripod but I didn’t really need it for this area, what I really REALLY needed was a piece of white canvas/paper/SOMETHING to stop the green reflection of the grass =/

Nagi Akizuki - Peace@Pieces 3


I love this figure, it’s just so appealing to me for some reason. Maybe the hair? clothes? her bust? who knows. Sculpted by Hiromitsu Morikawa, this 1/8 figure is spouting of Goodsmile company/Alter quality.

She’s painted nicely as well, soft gradients give her more depth in the curves and creases. While not an entirely accurate sculpt of how she looks in the game, it’s still pretty as ever. Oh, and you can take her skirt off :3

Nagi Akizuki - Peace@Pieces 4


The worst photo shoot of that day, mainly due to the sun’s indecisive bouts of hiding behind cloud or not. Gah, I’m just awestruck at how many of the photos sucked ^^;
Sorry folks.

Nagi Akizuki - Peace@Pieces 5Nagi Akizuki - Peace@Pieces 6


Moé is what I would describe this Nagi. She was one of my first figures, and one of the older ones in my collection, so old that it doesn’t even appear in Goodsmile’s website o_o; Anyway if you look reaaal hard in some of the photos, you can see a white area on the tips of her back hair, that’s from me DROPPING her… I guess the strong highlights mask most of it away, yay for bad photography! XD

Nagi Akizuki - Peace@Pieces 7

Details – Photo shoot

Nikon Coolpix P2
15th September 2007
Near the Old Arts Building – Melbourne University

Details – Figure

Nagi Akizuki
Goodsmile Company
Hiromitsu Morikawa
Release date
September 2005
Place of purchase
Wonderfest ’06
Retail price
4,200 yen
Bought it for
2,500 yen ($29.00 AU approx at the time)
Availability – HLJ (at time of writing)
Discontinued :(

Nagi Akizuki - Peace@Pieces 8

Original Nagi Akizuki - Peace@Pieces

Original illustration of Nagi

9 thoughts on “White ante Death

  1. Green grass? In Australia?? lol. I usually find bouts of sunlight give interesting results when taking photos but I think it depends on your location, and which direction the sun is coming from. Still, nice location and a nice figure.

  2. Nagi is such a cutie, I prefer this version to the one she’s sitting (shinigami version) that one has the breasts a bit weird and this one is “perfect” ^^

  3. ^^; I honestly forgot about the pantsu…
    wait, that’s not like me~ o_O

    @Adun, Ya, the grass was really green, even I was surprised o_o

    @Belela-san, I know what you mean by “prefect”, I like em too :3

    @ron~, “the photos arena that bad” ?? o_O Yea, shame on the green reflection.

    @Danny Choo, I know I know…I promise I’ll post more ecchi stuff later ^^;

    @Kirakun, I took him, bound and gagged, and chained him to my bed :3

  4. Pics aren’t that bad to me :)
    Don’t worry so much about your work hehe. Outdoor shots are quite difficult when the sun is playing hide and seek with clouds…

    This is a lovely yard you “used” as a background. So green!

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