iM@S Live For You!

Yayoi Takatsuki



Short post, but important one, THE iDOLM@STER IS GETTING ANOTHER GAME!
Xbox360 users (who like iDOLM@STER) will be delighted about the new game coming out.

I’ve only heard about this through a friend (Hectic) last night. I managed to find a few Famitsu scans of it from, cheers to them.

Apparently from reading the comments, it seems like the game will focus more on the actual idol performance rather than the idol raising aspect, which is all good in my opinion :3 (partly due to the fact that I don’t understand 100% of the dialogue in the raising aspect anyway ^^;) It will also have a DVD with some animation (not sure what this means) and also a remix soundtrack CD.

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I can’t wait to get my hands on this :3

High Touch! Iori and Yayoi

16 thoughts on “iM@S Live For You!

  1. Not yet, not yet… but I have already idolmaster and blue dragon, and am waiting for the japanese xbox elite to be released and arrives ^^ (play-asia seems to have some additional delays ;_; )

    So, even if I didn’t play this game yet, I know I’ll love it, and I’ll want to get this sequel xD

    lu-k’s last blog post: Akihime ★ Sumomo

  2. So many cute girls, is there an artbook or something from this game? I don’t feel like buying a xbox360 for this game (even if the game looks totally awesome), but if there’s an artbook I do buy it right away.

    Deathy’s last blog post: Riryka – Brilliant Days

  3. @lu-k, a okies XD You’ll be glad to hear that iM@S also has gone platinum, meaning cheaper :3

    @Deathy, there’s a few artbooks for the game, but those were for the arcade version, there’s a game guide for the 360 game tho~

  4. 100% with you ron!
    you got warhawk ron???
    Nick: Kirakun muahaha

    Apparently, this game isn’t like the old one.
    You don’t get to be the director it seems.
    I may just get sucked in to buy this for the extras until they (i hope) release for the ps3 HAHA

    Kirakun’s last blog post: Dilemma

  5. @ron~, maybe one day~ =/

    @Deathy, the arcade version is pretty old, the graphics are outdated, but the game used a touchscreen so you have more interactivity with your idol such as rubbing their back or touching their cheek, plues the arcade machines are all linked up around japan so there’s a national ranking to the idols.

    @Kirakun, You never were the director, you were their producer in charge of all aspects related to the idol such as training, promotions, auditions, performances and also get to know the idol outside of work.

  6. @Aya, yea… director… producer… whatever lol. In regards to this, I remember reading no such things. Just dancing ^^;

    @Ron, nice ;D…

    Kirakun’s last blog post: Dilemma

  7. So it’s a new game, but same chara? Can’t they spice it up a bit and add 2-3 new characters as well? Hmmm…

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