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A quickie, New poll is up. Judging from the previous poll, 1600×1200 sized photos are fine with you guys, so I’ll keep it like that :3
I’ve been wondering if I should put a tutorial on weathering small trading figures such as Mecha Musume to make them look more “real”. Some techniques should be familiar to military modelers and to a lesser extent Gunpla modelers. The new poll will be asking if you want to see a series of short and sweet tutorials, I’m not an expert either but I’d like to help if I can.

In terms of future updates, Manifest is around the corner, and I’ll be taking some of my figures to take photos around the beautiful Melbourne University campus. You see, Manifest is my excuse >.>

Anyone else going to Manifest? Or is there anything else you’d like to ask about the possible Mecha Musume tutorials?

4 thoughts on “New poll, future updates

  1. I was hoping to head to Manifest to do some photography and event report, but a few things are stopping me. 1) I don’t know my way around, 2) I don’t know where to stay, 3) I don’t really want to fork out so much money for a weekend trip to Melbourne. Still, I look forward to your report of Manifest.

  2. @Danny Choo, most likely I’ll be doing them in my holidays, which will be around the last half of September~

    @Adun, Ah, 1) can be fixed, 2) is a lil harder, 3) is understandable, I really wound’t fork out that much money if Manifest was the only reason for coming to Melbourne for a weekend. Now Comiket, that’s something worth getting your ass to.

    As for the report, I didn’t mention I was doing a report o_o;;
    I may do a small report of things that interest me but I won’t be doing a full house report of Manifest for a few reasons~

  3. I WAS planning to cosplay as one of those PMCs from MGS4, but I can’t find any decent 3-color Desert Camo pants to go with my balaclava and other gear. Ugh.

    I’ll probably be there on Saturday, mainly for the shopping. Hope there’s some decent artbooks there.

    @Adun. In terms of Artbooks, you’re in a much better place. You guys have an actual Kinokuniya store you can visit.

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