Symphonic Pleasure

Destiny Reunion


Destiny Reunion

Okies, short post, BECAUSE I FORGOT TO TAKE PICTURES~! >8(
I can’t believe I forgot to take pictures…which goes to show how fun it was. For those who don’t know, Destiny Reunion is a concert by eminence. They specialise in anime and video game music orchestral performances and do tours all over the world. They are the premier symphonic musicians of today.

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Now, I prolly should of wrote about this earlier but with most of their performances, they don’t give out the full score list so I didn’t really pay much attention. Destiny Reunion was awesome, it had a great line up but what I was most surprised about was ODIN SPHERE, O-D-I-N S-P-H-E-R-E!! The moment I saw that on the score list at the seats, I had to change to a new set of pants. Oh god that was euphoric…

Again, I’m sorry for the lack of photos, it didn’t occur to me at all during my orgasmic fit @_@ so for those who doubt that I even went, here’s proof:


So if any of you get the chance to see their performances, and you appreciate music, go and see them, seriously. :3


Destiny Reunion
Performance Time
7:00pm – 9:30pm 11th August
BMW Edge @ Federation Square
Ticket price
A-Reserve – $50 AU

9 thoughts on “Symphonic Pleasure

  1. :o

    did you bring two underwears? :p

    btw, I’m going to city tomorrow (sunday) around 12-3pm, I’ll go to hobby japan and say hi to you ^^

  2. @lu-k, do so, it’s a great experience if you never been to any live classical performances. During my high school years we had a lot of this kind of stuff so I actually like listening to live performances of fine arts.

    @ron~, lol, it was nice meeting you today XD get to see the face behind the blog~

  3. i hate you
    i hate you soo very much
    god can’t even express how much i hate you
    i asked you to join me when they were in Melbourne on February but you declined.
    now you went there with simon T_T
    am i that bad?? don’t you love hanging out with me???

    i watched some of their performance in youtube while i was back in Melbourne. pretty nice
    i would love to go there for odin’s sphere T_T

  4. A friend of mine, who is one of the original organisers of eminence has always asked me to attend a concert every since it started, and I have never been to one. But of course now that I have money and my night life back, I may attend the next one that comes to Sydney.


    @Adun, I recommend going to one~ Of course, it’s better if you heard the songs before XD

  6. I’m used to symphonic orchestra and live performance ;)
    I even used to play in a local one when I was still a trombone student. I keep playing the tbone but in a jazz/new orleans band now.

    But what I’d love to listen/play is music from video game or anime :)

  7. As I told you last week, I’m an idiot for COMPLETELY forgetting about this. Ah well. Hopefully that means more cash for me to save up for (shudder) Manifest 2007. Maybe I’ll wait for the CD compilations–I keep missing those, BTW.

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