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Ok, so I lied =/ Sorry that this isn’t a post of a figure shoot, that’s planned for this Sunday/Monday.

Right… I splurged more money… Story goes (it’s a short one) that my friend who visited me at work brought along his DS like usual, cept this time he brought what we both have been waiting for a while. Doki Doki Majou Shinpan, that’s right, it’s the game that makes touching good~
Anyway, I caved in, there’s simply more games on the DS I want to play than the PSP =/

Now, a NDS isn’t a cheap thing (comparative to figures…) but at work, I found a customer who actually worked at EB Games at DFO. He offered to help me get a discount on the NDS which was fine by me.

Nintendo DS Lite


R4, Revolution for DS, a flash cart for the NDS, it lets you play er, “homebrew” games and other multimedia files. You can also skin the interface to your own liking which is what I have done. Here ya go, these skins work on the R4 and apparently the M3 as well, go ahead and try them out if you own either of those flash carts.


A ToHeart2 skin for those Lucy and Reona fans. Both images are from Kantoku who has been featured in the previous post Moe Moe Overdose. A nice skin for those who have a pink DS and want something appropriate with it.

Mecha Musume

ACH TUNG! Shimada Humikane‘s work in a skin :3 For those who like a more darker skin to match their black DS.
Mecha Musume


ARIA, who doesn’t like a cute udine~ Gorgeous artwork from Kantoku again. Great for white DS owners I guess~


Aaah, Yayoi Takatsuki. One of the goddess’ of my moe world ^^; The first picture is still a mystery to me of who drew it. The second is by Yomogi.

Oh well, there’s my lil creative output for the NDS for the past day or so. Enjoy~


Nintendo DS Lite
Place of purchase
EB Games Melbourne Central, Melbourne, Australia
Retail price
$199.00 AU
Bought it for
$165.00 AU
Availability (at time of writing)
Plenty :3
NDS Themes
My NDS themes page

15 thoughts on “Dual Delight

  1. Nicely done.
    I would like to get back my NDS and R4 from you soon! Go get your own R4
    Thanks for the homebrew thing ^^
    Hey did you manage to chase that girl away like our special friend? LOL

  2. $200 for a DS lite is pretty cheap, comparing to what I paid for it when I got mine. Although I bought mine from Japan and it was from the first batch of DS lites.

  3. Oh, I remember going to Japan and it was nearly impossible to get a DS Lite, well, I wasn’t exactly looking for one, but the other person staying in the same hostel was telling me about it, she finally found one tho, but not the colour she hoped for.

  4. Yay. You got the black one. Just like me. Now I’m waiting for a black Wii.
    I’ve never gotten into DS tuning. I guess that customization stuff got boring after I abused it with the PSP^^;

    Hey, you’re into Tetris? Let’s get a game if so^^

  5. @David, lol, I was also thinking of customising my friend’s PSP when he let me borrow it…but it wasn’t a downgraded version so I couldn’t do anything but change the background =/
    I don’t have tetris on the NDS yet ^^;

    @samejima, I don’t have a PSP, but i borrowed my friend’s and I couldn’t get the browser to work on it at uni since it needed software =/ That’s one thing I like about the PSP, it’s a portable multimedia device, whereas the NDS feels more like a gaming device, which is also a bad thing since you’d need to buy the Browser~

    On a side note, my NDS has that bloody yellow tinted screens thing I’ve been hearing about, I got it exchanged but it’s still yellowish, I’m wondering if I should get the refund and try another store >.<

  6. I’m sorry my PSP isn’t v1.5 T_T
    I haven’t received any news about homebrew version being able to be compatitble with the PS3
    I manage to use the browser in university to log in to their server but the university server tends to like block it for me after that. Usually if such cases occur, we were suppose to head the the library to get support to use the wireless in the university compound. I didn’t want to meet them cause what were I going to say, could you help me set my PSP up? ^^
    But lol me… I read Kotaku in the toilet using my psp at times ^^

  7. i’m planning to get DS as well, I want to play kanji training game :D and also doki doki majou shinpan :D

  8. Dammit, I remember playing DDMS last week. It scares me to know that I’m…rather good at blowing into a girl’s ear and running a fingers along her arm to turn her on. :p

    Eyagh. I HAVE been hanging with you guys for too long…

  9. I created my theme with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. There a bit of trial and error to see if everything worked perfectly :3

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