White Death

Nagi Akizuki - Peace@Pieces


Nagi – God of Death ver

Wowie~ A photo shoot! Sorry about the delay, I got classes now and it takes a lil extra time to process the photos~ ^^;

This photo shoot is slightly different as the location wasn’t pre-determined beforehand and is one of the larger groups I’ve been in, four people as opposed to two.

Today we get to see Nagi Akizuki in her God of Death attire. I can’t help but wonder on how she would kill you… Oh, I never played the game by the way. Peace@Pieces is a eroge by Unisonshift, with gorgeous art from Ito Noizi. The game was basically about… ok, I don’t know that either, moving along.

Nagi Akizuki - Peace@Pieces 1



Today’s location was quite unexpected. The idea was to meet up with fellow comrades and then move off into the Fitzroy Gardens to take photos. We went around until I noticed the Conservatory and decided to check it out. We first tried inside but because of the lack of light and proper tripod we had to relocate. We moved to the exit and I saw the small courtyard of the Conservatory which was to be the place :3

Nagi Akizuki - Peace@Pieces 2


Nagi Akizuki - Peace@Pieces 3



We had a nice sunny day, but that had problems in it’s own. We had a white A4 canvas to reflect some light, but we only had one ^^; I brought along 2 figures for the photo shoot, Nagi and Hikaru. Nagi was on a sun dial while Hikaru was on the brick boundary. One of my friend and I were the photo takers while one was helping and the other was video taping us in our natural habitat.

Nagi Akizuki - Peace@Pieces 4


Nagi Akizuki - Peace@Pieces 5



Nagi, such a sexy figure. She’s quite well endowed and the figure shows it. She sits atop a …bug? which is also kinda cute. The sculptor Morikawa Hiromitsu has done a nice job but somehow Nagi seems much more “cuter” than the game illustrations. Some may not like the look but I kinda like it myself.

Nagi Akizuki - Peace@Pieces 6


Nagi Akizuki - Peace@Pieces 7


The paint job on Nagi is well done as expected from Alter quality. The white and blue clothes which Nagi wears are painted with a glossy finish and parts of it even shine with a pearlescent gloss. The green edges of her skirt are also covered in this gloss.

Nagi Akizuki - Peace@Pieces 8


Nagi Akizuki - Peace@Pieces 9


Nagi’s face is nicely sculptured and painted as well. While her left eye is mostly covered by her hair, it is visible from certain angles and it is painted with the same level of detail of her right eye. Her body sculpt is also very alluring, with all the curvatures to tease the eye.

Nagi Akizuki - Peace@Pieces 10


Nagi Akizuki - Peace@Pieces 11



Another day with the sun in full. Some of the shadows are just too harsh which I’m not too happy about. I didn’t use the canvas for Nagi but I prolly should of. We were taking photos of Nagi and Hikaru at the same time so the canvas was only available for one figure at a time. Some of the photos are over exposed as well, which is a lil shame =/

Nagi Akizuki - Peace@Pieces 12


Nagi Akizuki - Peace@Pieces 13


The photo shoot was ok considering the spontaneous locale, we had like a school of young international students or something walk by that were curious on what we were doing, which was about the only public eyes we had in the quiet gardens.


UNDERBOOB! *ahem* Nagi is an awesome figure if you like your girls with odd revealing clothes. With a blank stare Nagi seem almost like a goddess of tranquility however the bug she sits on does have a comedic presence. Alter has done a nice job again that compliments Goodsmile’s Nagi in school uniform.’

Nagi Akizuki - Peace@Pieces 14


Nagi Akizuki - Peace@Pieces 15


Nagi Akizuki - Peace@Pieces 16


Details – Photo shoot

Aya Kyunik & Adiroth
Nikon Coolpix P2 & Olympus SP500UZ
16th July 2007
Conservatory – Fitzroy Gardens

Details – Figure

Nagi Akizuki
Morikawa Hiromitsu
Release date
January 2007
Place of purchase
Retail price
5,500 yen
Bought it for
$55.00 AU
Availability – HLJ (at time of writing)
In Stock

Original Nagi Akizuki - Peace@Pieces

Original illustration of Nagi God of Death ver


I mentioned that there were two figures at the photo shoot, the other is Hikaru – God of Death ver which will be featured on the next post.

Nagi Akizuki/Hikaru Momose - Peace@Pieces 17


Nagi Akizuki/Hikaru Momose - Peace@Pieces 18


16 thoughts on “White Death

  1. That’s beautiful pictures! An other nice place you went to. The red/yellow “flowers” in the back of two last photos add a lovely heat to the pictures.
    And interresting video haha.
    Nice! ^^

  2. XD

    Being winter there isn’t too many nice flower beds at the moment so we had to make do. The flowers do look nice don’t they XD

    As for the video, Kirakun was taking it, Laughing man was Adiroth, the second photographer, the pedobear was the assistant friend and the konata was me. I was quite surprised on the art direction he took for the video ^^;

  3. we were in the conversatory.
    I had some funny footage like, in preparation for a photo shoot, what was Aya doing?? Aya was playing Doki Doki Majou!
    20mins of video turn to 2mins T_T

  4. nice picture of Nagi, Aya, can’t wait to see your Hikaru pic as well. I manage to order Hikaru from Hobbysearch few days back, now waiting for her to ship :)

  5. I love this figure. Shes such a cutie. Her eyes are cute (both pairs).
    I actually pulled mine from the base so she could sit on my apple cinema display ^^;

  6. @Belela-san, yea, but for some reason I don’t mind Nagi’s o_o

    @Danny Choo, lol, I remember that, she had green stuff attached to her bottom tho right? o_O

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