Megami Creates Moé!

Megami Magazine Creators


Megami Magazine Creators Vol.08

Ok, a short one~ Hopefully the next post will be a photo shoot~ ^^;
I collect Megami Magazine Creators, a spinoff from the normal monthly Megami Magazine which most of you already know is choc-a-block full of posters and articles on anime.
Megami Magazine Creators is similar, it still has those fappilicious pin-ups and comes with a large B2 poster, but primarily focuses on the artists themselves!

One of my favourite artist is a regular contributor to the magazine, Komatsu Eeji (駒都えーじ – planetarian, Tristia of the Deep-Blue Sea, Iriya no Sora). Most of works are the main features, such as the B2 posters and front covers.

Front cover of Vol.08


If you’re a fan of beautiful artwork from various manga artists of Japan and you also love buying magazine (even if your bank account is thoroughly opposed to it) then give Megami Magazine Creators a try, they come out once every few months so it isn’t some sort of regular purchase like monthly mags~


Megami Magazine Creators (メガミマガジンCreators)
Megami Magazine
Place of purchase
KangaKanga, Melbourne, Australia
Retail price
980 yen
Bought it for
$24.45 AU
Availability (at time of writing)
Might be out of stock due to popularity =/

4 thoughts on “Megami Creates Moé!

  1. I got mine thanks to you muahahaha
    If i recall probably, there was 1 more copy of Megami Creators last week or 2…
    Good luck finding it if interested!

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