Loli Pelekus – EDIT

Ymir - Queen's Blade

Queen’s Blade

Steel Iron Princess Ymir

Here it is, the last of my available photo shoots. After this I’ll have to go out and take some more photos if I want to post more, so don’t expect a photo shoot to appear every two days anymore lol.

Ymir, or Yuumiru, is one of the characters from Queen’s Blade, a series of “combat picture books” of the Lost World series, a kind of visual traditional RPG (not the video game genre). I don’t know much about it, but I do love the illustrations :3 So here’s the photos~

NOTE: Due to the request of I have had to take off some (most) images from this post… Sorry for those who would like to see the photos, but there’s not much I can do at this point in time. I’ve also decided to cut down the post since there’s not much point.

Ymir - Queen's Blade 11


Details – Photo shoot

Nikon Coolpix P2
12th April 2007
Shrine of Remembrance

Details – Figure

Steel Iron Princess Ymir (Yuumiru)
Queen’s Blade (Excellent Model CORE – Queen’s Blade P-2)
キバヤシノリオ aka eyeup
Release date
January 2007
Place of purchase
Retail price
5,000 yen
Bought it for
$54.00 AU
Availability – HLJ (at time of writing)
Discontinued :(

Ymir - Queen's Blade

Illustrations of Steel Iron Princess Ymir

15 thoughts on “Loli Pelekus – EDIT

  1. If you can only shoot during midday, you should try to find a place that has a tree. I find that light filtering through a tree has a great effect. Also these photos are pretty good. Still a little harsh and makes the figure look flat, but the contrast in colour with the green grass and blue sky goes well.

    And yes, girls with large weapons are awesome.

  2. @Burberry, It’s part of the whole moe factor XD

    @Adun, hmm, I’ll give that a try, gotta find the right tree tho. I might try a late afternoon shot to see how it goes as well. I agree about the harsh light, but it was also nice to get the green and blue.

  3. Please define “a little busy”
    The picture is great and all but i think the place just doesn’t suit it.
    It is better to have a setting where it is a little darker and all and you never EVER suspect a cute girl behind you with a giganto AXE!
    Maybe that described setting does suit this character as i am not too sure about the personality (most definitely this suits rena-chan).
    Is Ymir’s personality as innocent as Presea from Tales of Symphonia? Even so a shady setting suits a character with huge axes.

  4. I love the hair, the colour of the eyes + hair, the pink ribbons.
    the legs remind me of a pool table’s leg haha.

    the quality and tone of the entire figure kinda makes the plasticky axe stand out and say I’m not good enough

    @Danny, I dunno… I just don’t seem to agree that every photoshoot/post should include a cheesy panty shot, but that’s just me

  5. @valho, that last pic was the only good one out of hte set from that location, the rest were horrible, the colours were out of whack =/

    @Kirakun, I got studies now, with lots of assignments, and so does my friend, we don’t have as much free days that fall on the same day. On the contrary I do think it fits, the light colours of the figure seem to suit it, With Ymir’s body language I don’t really see it happening in a darker area, but it could work as well~

    @Burberry, A pool table’s leg o_O; I am also thinking of weathering the axe a lil to give it more depth tho. In regards to the panchu shot, it’s almost mandatory in the culture, and let’s face it, most people who buy figures also like it ^^;;

  6. Yea i guess body language suits it.
    I guess i always perceived girls with big axes as unsuspecting foes hehe

  7. hmm I find the color of this figurine is a little too pale (or maybe because of the sun?)

    the figurine itself is quite cute, loli with huge weapon. I don’t really like the last picture tho (only because of the brown grasses tho hehe)

  8. @Aya, and that is exactly why I say what I say… “it’s almost mandatory in the culture, and let’s face it, most people who buy figures also like it ^^;;” I don’t =\ and won’t encourage everything to think like that =D
    pool table legs, big and stumpy XD

    but anyway, not attacking anyone who have figure panty fetishes hoho

    @Ron, the tone of the figure is probably meant to be soft like that… something like the black saber figure maybe?

  9. @ron~, it’s the figure, she’s very pale compared to others, but I find it fairly nice, prolly just my taste tho. And yea…brown grass :(

    @Burberry, I understand some may not like it, and I’m not forcing anyone to like it, but I like it so it’s in lol ^^; At least I didn’t post pics of her completely stripped, but I’d have to put a 18+ warning for some of the pics XD

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