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Meg - Bakuretsu Tenshi



And here it is, my latest photo shoot, 12th April 2007, in the sunny afternoon under the deep-blue sky. I was in the photographer’s mood after taking the photos of Black Saber and Caren. This is one of my friend’s figures, the same friend who I’ve been dragging along in previous photo shoots, Meg from Bakuretsu Tenshi by Alter.

This trip had my friend and I carrying 3 figures, Meg, Ymir (Queen’s Blade) and also Rina Rindou (Pastel Chime). So, here’s Meg!

NOTE: Due to the request of I have had to take off some (most) images from this post… Sorry for those who would like to see the photos, but there’s not much I can do at this point in time.

Meg - Bakuretsu Tenshi 1



Well, two locations for this photo shoot, first up we have Federation Square next to St.Paul’s Cathedral and Flinder’s Street Station and the Shrine of Remembrance which is down St.Kilda Road.

Meg - Bakuretsu Tenshi 2


Meg - Bakuretsu Tenshi 3


Federation Square…uugh. So many people, I had to pick a spot that wasn’t taken up by someone’s butt. The area I chose had some greenery and such, so I gave it a shot. I prolly should of tried other places but it was pretty damn busy =/ We still had stares and such tho, from Melbournians and tourists alike.

Meg - Bakuretsu Tenshi 4


Meg - Bakuretsu Tenshi 5


The Shrine of Remembrance was quieter, which was good I guess. We snapped a few photos on the stair sides out front and also on TOP of the Shrine :3
It was a pretty nice view on top of the Shrine, there was a kid and his father up there who were watching us take photos… prolly thinking what on earth are we doing taking photos of a little plastic woman with a HUGE GUN. Oh, we also attended the simulated Remembrance Day event in which sunlight passes over the Stone of Remembrance and the word “love” on it.

Meg - Bakuretsu Tenshi 6



The choices of the two places can be explained, Federation Square had that disjointed, deconstruction style that seems to fit in with Meg, however my photos don’t do justice with it =/ The Shrine of Remembrance was a choice that seemed like it could work and I think it somewhat does… I think. The whole military background and the reasons to why the Shrine was built seemed li-….wait, that doesn’t fit Meg at all! @_@




Clean and simple, used some white paper for some of the shots, but overall hardly anything else. Not much to add really ^^;




Chick with a HUGE gun, who DOESN’T like that. Meg is the Yoko before Yoko was around. Alter has done a nice job with this figure, delivering a nice pose with a good paint job. Sculpt wise, great, although some angles do make her face looks awkward, it is still a nice figure. There isn’t really any noticeable flaws that I can think of in terms of sculpt. Painting is done pretty well too.




A lil better than morning work of Black Saber and Caren Hortensia in terms of angles and such, I attribute it to the fact that it was not early morning when I’m all dazed. The clear blue sky was a good bonus considering the overcast sky in the morning. I’m still a lil disappointed in the Federation Square photos as it lacked a bit of creativity with the background.




Lots more photos for this figure, I took a considerable amount of photos so there was plenty to chose from :3
Hope these are better in terms of photography from the previous, but who knows, I’m not a professional photographer :P



Details – Photo shoot

Nikon Coolpix P2
12th April 2007
Federation Square, Shrine of Remembrance

Details – Figure

爆裂天使 (Bakuretsu Tenshi)
Tanaka Touji
Release date
March 2006
Place of purchase
Retail price
4,800 yen
Bought it for
$52.00 AU
Availability – HLJ (at time of writing)
Discontinued :(

Some nonsense~!
Finnish Messerschmitt Bf 109G

Finnish Messerschmitt Bf 109G “Gustav”

Uma - Magipoka

Uma (Yuuma)

Ymir (Queen's Blade) and Rumi Kinoshita (Welcome to Pia Carrot!! G.O.)

Ymir and Rumi Kinoshita

16 thoughts on “Vanity Fair – EDIT

  1. your place really have some nice area for you to take photos. the last few shots were a bit too bright though otherwise great photos.

  2. Victoria is called the Garden State for a reason~ XD
    Yea, I couldn’t really help with the light…being the sun and all =/ a bit of a shame.

  3. I never knew Victoria was called that.
    Anyhow I really like the setting @ Shrine of Remembrance compared to Federation Square.
    Uma with that gun is just plain sexy.

  4. One of my friends got one of these and I regret not buying one myself.

    Pretty good shots, though taking photos in direct sunlight I find makes the photo too harsh. But then these look fine to me. I think it’s how the camera works as I have to always consider how my camera will produce the photo. Well a nice choice in backdrop but for anything military wise, it’ll be quite hard to come by even in Sydney.

    Also you are lucky to have a friend help you lug around your figures. I’m sometime carrying two or three figures with a bunch of photography equipment.

  5. @Kirakun, you can see the “Garden State” thing on the old plates on vehicles.

    @Adun, Yea, I don’t really like the harsh shadows from the sun, but there isn’t much I can do about it. It really depends on the weather when I decide to take photos, but sometimes it doesn’t work right lol.

    I know of some old artillery and assualt guns located outside some buildings but nothing that looks good enough at a macro level =/

    Ya, my friend is a good one, a weird one too, which I guess is why he doesn’t mind me taking photos of his figures like some pervert :P

  6. It seems you took those pics pretty early in the morning, I have that figure to and she’s great, almost impossible to get her now

  7. Really nice photos.
    I keep mine displayed without the base but after last summer she falls over without the base. Need to get my hairdryer out.

  8. Fantastic pictures. This is my first time snooping around your blog (sorry..) and I’m mucho impressed by the locales at which you get to take your pictures. Australia is beautiful :D

    The pic of Yuuma ‘flying’ the gun is great :P

  9. @Belela-san, They were actually afternoon XD My friend is damn happy with that purchase as well.

    @Danny Choo, My friend can’t display his figures atm, he’ll be able to once he has his own residence. I didn’t think she’d lean o_O

    @aka_ugly, Hope you find some of the photos here nice :3 Australia is great to live in, but lacks…the moe factor ^^;

  10. nice shot, I just feel that the sun was too strong, but overall they are nice ^^

    I find her shoulder/upper arm is quite attractive :p

  11. I agree, both the sun and the arms :3
    That’s the problem with outdoor shots, on a clear blue sky, the sun can cast really harsh shadows >.<

  12. Awesome figure, nice location!
    but I don’t agree with obligatory crotch shots like that =(

  13. “Chick with a HUGE gun, who DOESN’T like that.”

    Yeah, that’s a default win. That’s why I love Revy so much.

    meg_08.jpg has a nice perspective. But I think the ones with her back and her aiming high into the sky suit her the most =) I think I’ll get her too. Fortunately, there are still some shops here in Germany which sell her.

  14. @Burberry, thanks~ lol, well, it was in high demand to I had to add it in ^^;

    @David, That’s lucky if you got shops that sell it, i think all the stores around me sold out =/
    The one with her back are some of my favs XD It was suggested by my friend to take photos like that

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