World War: Moé

British Tank, Infantry, Mk III, Valentine stripped for uh...repairs


Mecha Musume Figumate

SIXTEENTH POST~! Today I received my package of Konami’s new Figumate series, Mecha Musume, along with my friend’s very healthy Beat Angel Escalayer by Alter. Mecha Musume trading figures have been around for a while, being based on Shimada Humikane’s work, who I idolise greatly, which is in turn an amalgamation of moé girls with various machines of war. Mecha Musume has now entered the Figumate realm! :3

These are just some photos of the items, I don’t really expect a full blown outdoor photo shoot with these lil cuties, but who knows.



The Figumate uh, figures are basically chibi trading figures similar to Pinky Streets, they have movable arms at the shoulder joint, feet at the ankle, and ball jointed head. As such, it’s possible to interchange some parts from the other figumate series.

Mecha Musume Figumate Box


The detail on the facial detail is SUPERB, it’s beyond “good”. The paint for the details of the face are sharp and accurate, no splotches or runs, it’s basically… perfect. It’s not just this particular series of Mecha Musume Figumates either, I have two Negima Figumates and they also exhibit this level of quality.

Mecha Musume Figumate Box Closeup


Mecha Musume Figumate Box Opened


In the box you get ten (10) pieces, or rather, Figumates. As with most other trading figures, these smaller boxes are all random, and sets usually have rare/special figures as well. So, the Mecha Musume Figumates have 8 in the set, 3 of which are considered rare items. The specific figures corresponds to the first volume of the Mecha Musume Trading Figures, which include the “British Tank, Infantry, Mk III, Valentine”, “German Sturmgeschütz III Ausf.G”, “Soviet P-60” and others.

Mecha Musume Group 1

Oh… one of the figures didn’t come with that ball joint for the head…

Mecha Musume Group 2


If you’re a fan of World War II war machines, and an avid lover of cute lil not-so-innocent girls, then Mecha Musume might very well be up your alley. Some people are so engrossed in Mecha Musume that they even weather the figures as if they were actual scale model kits of war machines. Like me… so here’s a few pics of two of my works:
(sorry about the craptastic lighting)

British Tank, Infantry, Mk III, Valentine


First up is the British Tank, Infantry, Mk III, Valentine. Coming from the Mecha Musume Vol.1 trading figures, she’s one of the first. I picked her up in Japan, at one of those second hand stores where people put their items into glass cabinets for sale. They were sold out everywhere in Akihabara so that was the only way I could of gotten it. With this figure I decided to give the run down dusty look, since Valentines were also deployed in the African theatre.

British Tank, Infantry, Mk III, Valentine


British Tank, Infantry, Mk III, Valentine


German Sturmgeschütz III Ausf.A


And second is the German Sturmgeschütz III Ausf.A. She’s from Mecha Musume Vol.2, which I also bought from the same store I got the Valentine. The Sturmgeschütz III, or StuG III is the most mass produced armoured fighting vehicle of Nazi Germany in World War II. I decided to give it a generic urban weathering since the first deployment of Ausf.A (Type A) was at the Battle of France, and only 30 of this type were produced.

German Sturmgeschütz III Ausf.A


German Sturmgeschütz III Ausf.A


Anyway, there’s my lil article on the new Mecha Musume Figumates and also some of my work with the original Mecha Musume series.
Tell me if you want to see more of them, or even tutorials on how I did it ^^;

Details – Figures

Mecha Musume Figutemate Vol.1
Mecha Musume
Release date
May 2007
Place of purchase
Retail price
450 yen per piece
Bought it for
$42.50 AU Est. for a box of 10
Availability – HLJ (at time of writing)
Backordered :(
Official Konami Mecha Musume Figumate Website JP
Official Konami Mecha Musume Vol.1 Website JP
Official Konami Asia Mecha Musume Vol.1 Website ENG

P.S. I use the actual wartime naming conventions of the Mecha Musume instead of the ones listed, however for fictional ones I just used the shorthand version.

P.S.S. 6th June 1944, go google it.

11 thoughts on “World War: Moé

  1. AHhh nice, I haven’t bought any figumates myself as I’ve only been interested in 1-2 out of each set. That and collecting them all is gonna cost too much.

    interested in selling me a black neko? =D

  2. The black neko? You mean the Soviet P-60 on the sides?
    I wouldn’t mind parting with one of them but I’ve never sold anything that I had to send through the post ^^;

  3. only one ;_;
    and it’s the one I don’t like either >.>
    It’s the custom Jet Kyuushuu J7W1 Shinden “震電改”

    I would of MUCH prefered the StuG III Ausf.G camo colour as it closely resembles the StuG III’s bought by Finland, and would be easy to convert to one since I’m planning to do so with my normal Mecha Musume version.

    The other rare item is a alternate coloured version of the fictional French aircraft training unit M.S.462…at least I’m pretty sure it’s fictional.

  4. Since you put the Mecha Musume wallpaper in my psp, Mecha Musume manage to get a small piece of my heart.
    I really like the details of the figuremates.
    I wish i could get them T_T

  5. cute gachapons, but I’m not really into mechas :p

    I’m planning to do gachapon photoshoot also this week ^^

  6. oOOooh, I’ll be lurking the RSS then lol~
    My ultimate goal is to get nice diorama bases for the mecha musume, so i doubt I’ll have these for outdoor photo shoots

  7. I’m not really into mecha musume thing, but I have to admit that they are sooooooo moe ^^;
    Especially the two meganeko hehe.

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