World War: MoéMoé

British Tank, Infantry, Mk III, Valentine

British Tank, Infantry, Mk III


Remember the one Figumate that didn’t have a ball joint for the head?
I managed to fix it… by using Asuna’s body instead :3
I’ll cut the talk and go straight to the pictures:

Beauty and the Beast


Being Figumates, they’re expected to be interchangable, and if this is any indication, they are. The parts fit snugly and she’s basically good as new :3

Valentine from the front


Valentine from the back


aaah poor Asuna… but at least she looks happy right~? ^^;

Asuna... and friend


A note, the blog is going to be slowing down since I’ve posted all my photo shoot material, so sorry that I won’t be able to update as frequently as I have. I’ll try to get a photo shoot running soon for you guys.

10 thoughts on “World War: MoéMoé

  1. haha, that is mean!!! treating poor asuna like that.
    i guess like what you said, she doesn’t seem to be too sad as she is still smiling haha
    @ron, haha. from the first look, i was like huh? when you said it look like i dog and i was like yea. HAHA

  2. Haaaaa Asuna-chan :'(
    I’m with ron~, when I first saw the first picture, I thought : “what the hell is that dog face !? O_0

    Funny ^^;

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