Japanese magazine sale!

Kanga Kanga

Kanga Kanga


I don’t really see myself posting about stores much in my blog… EXCEPT WHEN THEY HAVE A SALE!
Kanga Kanga is a Japanese store specialising in magazines and periodicals. They can order in nearly any book you want tho, be it manga or that moelicious artbook you’ve had your eyes on.
They’re having a sale until the 23rd June, 50% off all back issues, back issues meaning magazines that says JUNE or earlier! Not bad if you ask me~

Rest of the details in this post~


Level 5, Bourke House
145 Russell St Melbourne

(03) 9663 8433

Email Inquiries:

Opening Hours
Mon-Thu 12-6:30pm
Fri 12-7pm
Sat 12-5pm
Sun Closed

Remember this is a sale to the 23rd, so if you want that issue of Megami you missed out on, they may have it! They also have a whole bunch of those phone book thick serialised manga (forgot the actual name) that are on sale, something like $6AU for 2. I mainly saw Megami, Animage and Animedia magazines there, but they did have a few others like Dengeki G’s Magazine and Famitsu Wave~

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