The Four Branches of the Mabinogi

Nao - Mabinogi



Second post! This is Nao from the Korean MMO Mabinogi, also one of my friend’s figure from his collection. These photos were also taken on the same day as Himekuri in my last post with the exception of one of them.

Also in the last post, I said that the photos aren’t all that great in my opinion, but hopefully the later photos will reflect my learning, or lack of…

As well as taking pretty pictures of plastic, I also try to include the backdrop to a degree. I want it to compliment the figure, being careful not to make it the central focus while making sure it actually helps the figure aesthetically.

Nao 1



Slightly different with the Himekuri this time, the first photo is at the same place, but the rest were taken a few metres away at a small stone pavilion. It was still early afternoon and the sun was still high in the sky, so there was ample light even in the shade.

There was a few more people walking through, some lady watched me for a sec…not sure what was going through her mind.

Nao 2



Easy, placed the pretty Nao on the ledge, and snapped away! I had to use a white sheet of paper to reflect some light back though as it was a lil dark, this is why having a buddy around is good, extra pair of hands. Other than that, it was pretty simple, no need for any other equipment such as a mini-tripod.

Nao 3



Now, the figure herself is nice. Nao makes a fairly nice transition to plastic. The sculptor has done a nice job with her, the detailing on the body and figure aren’t too complex but that suits the character design just fine.

Paint wise, great. From the floral patterns on her dress to the wooden texture on the staff, the paintjob was done nicely, my only concern is the hair. Some parts of it seem to have a different colour where it should be smooth, along with some noticeable seamlines if you actually pay attention.

Her dress is also translucent, which is a nice touch, makes you want to look a lil closer…and if you do, you can see the top of her delicious stockings~

Nao 4



I screwed up lol. I don’t have any full body shots of Nao for that session, so you can’t see the detail of her luscious legs with that backdrop. However I do have a full body shot of her from the next day’s photoshoot with other figures at the Royal Exhibition Building, shown below:

Nao 6



Photos are again, decent in my opinion, I did like how she turned out when we were in the stone pavilion though. Anyone who is a fan of simple and elegant girls with stockings, Nao is a nice addition. For some it may seem a lil too plain, but take a closer look and it may appeal with it’s nice lil details such as movable necklace and her thighs.

Nao 5


Details – Photo shoot

Nikon Coolpix P2
11th/12th October 2006
Outskirts of the Royal Botanical Gardens, Royal Exhibition Building

Details – Figure

Goodsmile Company
Release date
April 2006
Place of purchase
Retail price
4,200 yen
Bought it for
$50.05 AU
Availability – HLJ (at time of writing)

Nao original illustration

Original illustration of Nao

5 thoughts on “The Four Branches of the Mabinogi

  1. strange pose.. seems like she was jumping (her breast shows that…)

    1st picture is the best, love the background

  2. The last picture of the upward shot is a good one. Quite a difficult shot to do without getting too much sunlight coming from above. The full body shot you should have photographed in the shade as direct sunlight tends to be too strong and can white out parts of the photo. I wish Sydney Botanic Gardens had more undead flowers around, lol.

  3. Ya, the full body shot a harsh one, it was during a hot day aswell, so I didn’t want to keep the figures in direct sunlight for too long. I guess I could of tried it later in the day…but was too worn out by the sun so we decided to go home lol

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