Gather for a story~

Odin Sphere


Odin Sphere with Artworks

It’s HERE! I had to order this through since it had the Odin Sphere with Artworks listed, unlike Play-Asia that couldn’t give me a definite answer about the artbook. The Odin Sphere Artworks was a special pre-order item only available to Japan orders, so I had to act fast to secure a copy since I was fairly late in pre-ordering one.

I had to order 2 copies, my friend was also excited about it, and is the main reason why I got into it thus making me use more of my precious money…

The EMS package


Well, my friend called me, told me that the EMS tracking indicated that the item was at my local postie (I live in an apartment, so large items are to be collected from the local post office). I couldn’t leave straight away to check my letterbox for the postage card as I needed to wait for the plumber to fix my toilet =/

Anyway, I went downstairs and check the letter box like some druggie trying to find his narcotics stash. Not there, NOT THERE! @_@
I called up my friend to make SURE that the item was at the postie, he assured me, so I went off to the postie through the bitter cold of a Melbourne winter with storm clouds looming…after it was bright and sunny in the morning.

キタ━━━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━━━ !!!!!


After explaining to the grumpy clerk at the counter that I didn’t have my card, I got the package! Rushed home and ripped it apart, Odin Sphere GET!
All the items were plastic wrapped so I couldn’t tamper with my friend’s copy first >.>

Artworks and game


Artworks book


The book is GORGEOUS, the front cover is superb and the best thing about it is the HARD COVER, with a lovely matte finish which makes me want to rub my cheeks on it endlessly.

The front page


Gah! I wish I had a digital copy of the Artworks as well, they’re simply ORGASMIC! I’m scared to look at it for prolonged periods in fear of drooling all over it, thus diminishing it’s value.

Illustration Galler and the Background Art


The Artworks contains a Creator’s Message, Story, Main Characters, Characters, Illustration Gallery, Background Art and The Early Drawings (concepts), all of which I’m happy to drool over :3

Main Characters section


I played a few minutes of the game and from what I tried to understand, the game is FUN. I am holding off though, I want to get the US version so I can actually understand the story properly, plus it also has dual audio.

Details – Photos

Nikon Coolpix P2
21st May 2007
In my room, on my secondary desk

Details – Item

Odin Sphere with Odin Sphere Artworks
PlayStation 2
Release Date
JP – 17th May 2007
US – 22nd May 2007
Place of purchase
Retail price
7,329 yen
Bought it for
$74.00 US shipping not incl.
Odin Sphere Artworks not available through stores
Odin Sphere game available at Play-Asia
Odin Sphere Official Japanese Website
Odin Sphere Official English Website
Developer Interview at Total Gamer Zone

Odin Sphere

11 thoughts on “Gather for a story~

  1. hey! we manage to save some bucks on the shipment!
    great game. manage to finish the first area
    I want to use the bunny D:

  2. I read that this game is very good, but still in japanese and my japanese is still very limited :(

    going to wait for the translated version ^^

  3. You’re in luck~
    The translated version should be out tomolo (for the US), good thing about it is that it has dual audio since it’s being published by Atlus.
    Gonna get me that :3

  4. but… no news about when PAL version is going to be released…
    only PS3 games are region free :( PS2 games have region lock (PAL, NTSC/U, NTSC/J)

    if no PAL release then have to play this using modded PS2 :p playing PS2 games on PS3 has better image (upscaled), better sound etc etc tho

  5. ….PS3 is region coded isn’t it?
    Unless i’m getting confused with the PSP, which IS region free.
    hmm, no wait, the PS3 isn’t, well, you should know, you got one XD

    ugh, my head hurts~

  6. I haven’t even had time to open Disgaea 2 yet. That artbook looks very nice. What’s the proportion of large images to small images? The Disgaea artbook was mostly smaller images collected on a page. There were some full page illos, but not that many.

  7. it’s about half-half for large and small. There’s pages of full illustrations which are absolutely GORGEOUS, but they have some smaller art which are mainly roughs or concepts as well, which is a plus for me as I love seeing how things are done before they are rendered fully.

  8. Pinkwa’ > bah ouais hein =pWruth > ouaip Fistoz > c’est pour l’ambiance gc3a9nc3a9raaaale =D (oui bon ok..))Malie > huhu =pKirein > huhu t’en fais pas ca c’est passc3a9 ya trois jours c3a7a dc3a9jc3a0, on l’a bien entamc3a9 le patapon =DTom > oui ptoult, je crois que dans le tram on nous prend un peu pour des tarc3a9s =D Kobal > Leamlu est en vacances ? Non pas du tout pourquoi ? ^^’ Pitru > toutaaafc3a9 =D-Pilou- > c’est bien pour c3a7a que je les ai achetc3a9s =DJc3a9rc3a9my > huhu =pCLR > OUI ! =DLampadaire > NON ! =D

  9. Rez > T’as bien du courage perso ca fait quazi 1an et demi que j’ai ma PSP, et que j’ai touorujs pas eu l’courage de la crakhey ! Trop peur que c3a7a foire Et que ce soit 200balles par la fenc3aatre :/ Alors en bonne petite citoyenne, j’achc3a8te mes jeux . snif.Paka, fais gaffe, le chat va devenir un Geek c3a0 force de tourner autour de la PSP comme c3a7a . (Puis la Geek attitude est contagieuse d’humain c3a0 animal, alors, hum).J’adore la tete du petit vendeur Figc3a9. lol

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