Le Morte d’Arthur

Saber - Fate/stay night

Fate/stay night


Aaah~ The proper Saber that spawned the infamous Sader. Well, this figure is of my friend’s again (seems like I’m just leeching his stuff…), and this is an old one he had, before that hellspawn showed up on the vast information highway.

These photos were taken a day after the previous two posts’ figures, and it was another sunny (and hot) day. I decided to head to the Royal Exhibition Building located on the outskirts of the CBD and next to the Melbourne Museum/IMAX theatre.

These photos turned out a lil less than expected…

Saber 1



Royal Exhibition Building, a magnificent piece of architecture from the 19th century, one of the few major buildings surviving world wide. I thought it’d be a fitting place to take some pictures of it with Saber as the focus. Fun fact, my high school and my university also uses the building for exams.

We walked to the site from the tram stop, but on the way I stopped by at the strange ruins, I say ruins but not exactly, they were placed broken blocks of buildings randomly in a small area of the grass, looks nice too. The first few photos of Saber were done here, and there wasn’t too many people except for the occasional passerby. There was a guy listening to the radio and relaxing on the grass near us tho.

Saber 2



Once again, we brought along the trusty white paper. It was a bit difficult with Saber as she has a tendency to topple over without a base. The base, looks crap. Saber did fall over once tho, it was a bit of a worry but she sustained minimal damage, where was Avalon when you needed it…

Saber 3



Made by Clayz, sculpted by T’s system, somewhat expected a lil more. Saber did feel a lil lacking in some areas, the detailing of the figure sculpt was ok. Fabric flows and creases were shown, but the detail of the hair was pretty lackluster. More could of been done.

The paint could of also been a tad more delicate, as you can see some overlapping and noticeable “runny” colours. What does look great tho, is Excalibur.

Saber 4



The camera work I had was absolute trash! Most of the photos turned out horrible, it was the white balance setting I was testing out, obviously it didn’t work out too well. The first part of the photos were at the ruins, and they turned out “ok” but the ones at the Royal Exhibition Building were so bad, it was disgusting. I had to really ‘shop them hard to make it look decent for the human eye to withstand. Ugh, at least you learn to be more by failing than being perfect.

Saber 5



A complete mess, but a lesson well learnt. Saber could of been shining through the photos if I didn’t screw up. The day was also hot, I developed a rash on my back from the sweat I had as well, which generally was a downer. I also shot 3 other figures on the day, one of which is Nao from the previous post, and the other two were Miyanokouji Mizuho and Himekuri (again), more details as I post their photo shoots later on.

Saber 6


Details – Photo shoot

Nikon Coolpix P2
12th October 2006
Outskirts of the Melbourne Museum, Royal Exhibition Building

Details – Figure

Fate/stay night
宮川 æ­¦ aka T’s system
Release date
Place of purchase
Retail price
6,720 yen
Bought it for
$56.60 AU
Availability (at time of writing)
Can’t find it anywhere anymore o_o;

Sader is woe

At least it isn’t as bad as this…


As a lil bonus, I tried to create something from the horrid photos, so I made a wallpaper of Saber.
Morte d'Arthur


13 thoughts on “Le Morte d’Arthur

  1. I wanted this figurine but gave up..

    nice shot, need more different angle tho ^^ *bottom angle* *hint* *pantsu* *hint*

  2. lol, jeez~

    Don’t worry, I got pantsu shots of my newer photo shoots of Meg and Ymir…forgot to take some of Black Saber, and Caren..well..she doesn’t really have anything to hide =/

  3. I like how Melbourne has more Victorian style buildings and that is something hard to find around Sydney. One day I would like to do a figure photo shoot in Melbourne.

  4. very nice, i have been looking for this figure for ages but quite impossible to find her now except ebay

  5. Ya, my friend got the figure way back when it was pretty available. It’s pretty big and I was surprised when I saw it.

  6. My very first figurine (with Rin-chan) !
    Nice pictures, I like the 5th one, that suits Saber very well ^^
    Mine fell few times as well, but Saber is strong, Saber is indestructible :D
    Long live the King!

  7. Oh nice one.

    Nihon niha shiro ga nainode urayamashii desu.
    Sasugani Nihon-type no shiro deha awanai.
    Ah, tera(temple) ha arukara, sokode syashin wo toreba niau kana?

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